I do not have the ability to open additional windows from the main window and have in real-time multiple view.?

When is Flight Simulator 2020 going to allow the awesome ability to open additional windows from the main window? In the previous Flight Simulator X and prior, this ability was great because you could see your outside view, setup cool wing views as well as have multiple windows that allow you to calibrate your multi monitor setup to give you a real cockpit feel(for those who built a life-size cockpit). This is my opinion and I have spoken to other Flight Simmers and it is agreed: Flight Simulator 2020 feels, without this feature, lacking. This missing feature as well as not having the ability to replay your flight, kind of makes me miss Flight Simulator X. Flight Simulator 2020 should not make me feel that way. I love Microsoft for creating Flight Simulator and that will not change. However, I am not loving this release of Flight Simulator 2020 Premium Deluxe the way I thought I would. The inability to open additional windows from the main window with the option to select whatever camera views( in the previous Flight Simulator X and prior) and to have REPLAY is kind of a hard pill to swallow. Please let me know what the Microsoft Team plans to do regarding these 2 loved features?

My System:

2 Xeon E5-2690 CPU with 56 Thread @ 3.5Ghz
128GB of Ram
NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24GB Display Card

When Flight Simulator 2020 examined my system when installing
it put all of my setting to ULTRA!

I have the Samsung CHG90 ultrawide 4K monitor and I am able to use 3840 x 1080 resolution

EXAMPLE BELOW from Flight Simulator X Deluxe


Agree with you on the subject, no need to show off hardware, we all know about FSX, FS2004, FS98,etc

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I think that was the purpose. It would have been better to search the wish list for someone else that wants multiple monitor support, and hit the vote button.

I am not showing off my hardware but only showing my hardware so there is no question in my ability to run both views successfully. Don’t take it to the negative. Besides I am looking for a real solution to this issue, not your off the cuff remark. I respect all and would hope to get that in return from everyone. Especially those who love Flight Simulator 2020. Bring your altitude down…

I am new to the forum so I did not know how to get my questions answered but next time I will search the wish list and do what you stated would have been better. And to clarify, showing off was not the purpose. Between the other user who assumed he knew the purpose for my listing of my hardware and you, you make a person feel not even like they want to go on the forums for Flight Simulator 2020. I will wait for a more professional answer to my question about the multiple monitor feature. Thanks but no thanks. I hope no one at the Microsoft Flight Simulator Team don’t have negative ‘altitudes’ like the 2 of you.

I posted a video explaining what I was attempting to explain. Please understand that I am only trying to drive home the point of the deficient wingview feature in Flight Simulator 2020.

Have you voted and commented here: Multiple screens functionality? It’s a start to what you want. I understand it’s not actually your issue but the creation of secondary cameras to display independently is the core of your request.

The feature has been requested for ages and at this point I think its quite some time away for two reasons: 1). there are FAR bigger fish to fry at this point in the development and 2). It’s not something that I think you could really even do on an xbox and I’d be absolutely shocked if PC exclusive feature development wasn’t put on a back burner right now.

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Thank you for responding to my post. This feature is available in Flight Simulator X so I am a little confused when you state ‘The feature has been requested for ages…’ Do you mean since the beta trials or the official release of Flight Simulator 2020? The video you are looking at in the beginning is from footage I recorded in Flight Simulator X. On the far right I have the cockpit on half the screen and on the far left I have the wing view. And I have my screen recorder only recording the left section where the window with the wing view is. All of this is happening in real-time while I am engaged in flight.

Here are some images below and the way I have achieved this in Flight Simulator X. Keep in mind that I am using a Samsung CHG90 Ultrawide monitor with the resolution 3840 x 1080.

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Yes, I mean its been a request for quite some time for fs2020. I’m aware of your plight and the existence of it in fsx. My point stands that it is likely either going to be quite some time before a 1st party solution is released or perhaps a 3rd party will step in if they can figure out how to make a mod for it to work.

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I’m not sure I ever got this obsession with the wing view. I’ve seen it in lots of comparisons videos, watching a real 737, alongside a simulated one, for example, and that was interesting from a technology standpoint, seeing how far simulators have come. I’ve never seen them from an Icon A5, fo example, just airliners.

To be honest, I’d rather look out from the cockpit. :wink:

But I agree that multi-monitor support is a sought after feature. I couldn’t say what percentage of users have more than one monitor, but I would guess it’s more than have VR headsets.

We need them to model the parachute so we can put a view inside the rocket when it deploys!

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Thanks for clarifying your answer.

It’s important to realize that a lot of MSFS-pilots are experienced simmers, with more than a few years flying history, be it with earlier MSFS or with P3D and Xplane, where it has always been possible to use multiple screens. Many of us have a home-built cockpit, and run MSFS on a PC instead of X-box. Being able to fly only on one screen diminishes the feeling of immersion, and makes a home cockpit look rather sad.
So, I think it is a very reasonable request for a large part of MSFS users.