I don't know what going on :(

The lights on my planes that i fly mostly the kingair still don’t work, illuminating the ground. THEY just don’t.
You broke the master avionics switch on the Logitech panels.
NO fixes for the longitude in regards to fuel consumption. Premium plane so no modder can do the job for you.
And buildings everywhere. Etc Etc Etc. But hey lets upgrade Japan. That will divert attention.
Just… WOW.
And i’m sure there are many many more issues that are not affecting me. But I think time could have been better spent in other areas than a content update.
And im sure there are a great many people doing other things in Asobo and just not on one thing. But it does not feel that way. Rant over. Sorry.


Don’t worry, Asobo doesn’t seem to know what’s going on either.


I couldn’t wait for this sim to come out as I’ve been a simmer since v1.0 and after they disbanded ACES & shutdown Flight Simulator I felt like a family member died. When they announced Flight Simulator last year out of the blue I felt my family member was raised from the dead. At this point, after being in the “Alpha” since December and knowing what we went through with requests and reporting and lack of feedback and weird patches it always felt like something off. Now multiple patches that have all been major setbacks in place and the honeymoon is over, it seems the family member was brought back to life just to laugh at and kick around like a rag doll. Microsoft being the publisher aside, Asobo needs to step up and own the down turn this project has taken at this point. These aren’t even Hotfixes, but versioned updates and if I was a developer at a company delivering software releases like these one after another none of us would have a job. At least I saved a bunch of money by not switching to Geico and cancelling all my hardware orders that no one can get anyway any time soon: ie. EVGA RTX3090, Honeycomb Bravo, Thrustmaster TPA pedals, Thrustmaster TCA officer pack. As well I regained time in my life as I wait it out for now. It’s nice to hope one day that this sim will get it right but until then, that’s all I have at this point at least and if it gets shut down it will be the people who hyped it without the backing to stand it up. I hope I am proved wrong sooner than later is my hope.


FSX $80! didn’t work + ~1 year later SP1! worked a little bit + ~6 months later SP2! sorta worked + Acceleration $80! worked less bad NEVER FORGET!!! This is going much, Much better than that goat rope!


Agree. Many newcomers don’t know what a mess FSX was when it came out.
But still kinda heart breaking to see what’s happening here. Reminds me of patching a brittle blanket. Sewing on patches on the one side, see it tearing apart on the other. At least the FSX service packs were legit.