I feel sorry for all simmers (Force Feedback)

…who don’t have a Force Feedback joystick. I’ve had one since the first one was marketed. In MSFS I’m using XPForce with my Microsoft FF2 joystick. I’m glad we have XP Force, although I would appreciate more if it were an integral part of MSFS and we had Russell Dirks’ FS Force software. I still use that in P3d and have used it in all past Microsoft programs.
I feel sorry for you because not only do I feel runway tarstrips and landings (both hard and soft which are discernible), but today I felt something very special as well. I felt the takeoff and landing ON WATER with the Icon.
Landing on water or a runway without the feeling you are doing so is like having a dental visit where you were given NOVACAINE! Same thing!
When MSFS first came out and I had to use my joystick without the force associated with it, I took a vacation from the sim. Not feeling anything when landing and taking off made it a numb experience.
I strongly and respectfully ask Microsoft to introduce a new FF stick ASAP (because the old ones are discontinued and only being scalped on EBay) and to heartily embrace Force Feedback in MSFS.

When those of you who’ve never used FF in a sim finally try it…you will NEVER go back again.


Great to hear! I have a FF2 which I tried initially back in the alpha days and had issues so I have just been using my logitech yoke. Time to try again!

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There’s a couple of reasons.

extremely expensive for anything very good
very large and cumbersome. ffb yokes are massive

Also part of the reason they cost a fortune is because of Patent Trolls. If you do your research you’ll find that a patent troll has essentially cornered the market into being unable to develop their own force feedback without being sued.


It would have been 100000 times better and more productive if you posted this in the wishlist section. You could receive votes for your request and at some point in the future MS could consider to implement it. The voting system is all broken and non functional, but it is the only way we have to make us heard.
That said, i don’t see it coming in the near future tho, the sim is all broken and flooding from all the decks (ship reference there)…
Cheers brother, I envy your setup


Dont feel sorry for me, I am quite happy not having to fight against force thanks.

At least I got your attention. Hope I get Microsoft’s! May “the Force” be with you.


At least they can make a yoke that has FFB on pitch axis. Seriously, that would be a giant leap in realism already. Imagine all of your pitch trimming actually trims the control force instead of the center point.

The current state of FFB is a bottomless pit of sadness!

FF has been around for years. I still have my original microsoft Sidewinder FF from 1995




What’s inside the SWFF2

Making a USB adapter for Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro


I had one of these you’re right it had a kick and im sure it was responsible for my tennis elbow. I’m sure it’s in the attic somewhere with a broken force feedback steering wheel.
The magnets in them could snap your wrist.

You’ve got my attention.
Now I’m going to find out where my Logitech ffb stick is and download xpforce.It was working fine ten years ago when I last used it.
Looks like this stick is compatible according to the xpforce website.Also that’s a fair price for the software, though I will use the demo till I know Windows will play nice with it.
I’ll update tomorrow when I’ve got set up.
Thanks for the heads up.
Dean near EGND.

try to find a new one. they don’t exist. thank patent trolls.

if you want a legit force feedback, you better save your pennies.

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I was just about to ask who grabbed the rights.
That’s shocking expensive for the normal Joe.
I remember asking the Mrs, when century of flight came out for ffb stick,The sidewinder ffb was still on sale at what was £96 back then.
That’s how I ended up with the Logitech wingman ffb stick which was £55 back then.
At 1249 euro’s for the base unit, little point even looking how much for the complete item.
Mrs bought me a hotas cougar ten years ago when I was 45 so I use that and Ch yoke and saitek pedals for my simming.I have a understanding wife.

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they aren’t the ones with the rights. i’m not gonna say their name cause i wouldn’t want to get sued. but you can find it pretty easy. i know that some of the patents expired and more will expire in a year or two. i’m sure brunner did their own R&D or paid the price. they’re market isn’t gamers.

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If you look at fsforces features on its website, youll get a glance of how many great details is added to the simulation. I couldnt fly without it anymore. So until fa forces is compatible with 2020 and the major bugs are fixed im keeping myself away.

If you can, buy one of those sff 2 on ebay. I feel that in the near future the will cost a fortune. Its still affordable. Usually ppl who buy it only sell it if they quit simulation, and is pretty hard to let that thing go away from your hands. They are very well made and can survive for decades.

Give it a try if own fsx or p3d with the Fs forces demo (you can use for 30 min around KSEA). You wont regret it.

So, if MS wanted to remake the SFF 2 it wouldnt be able because of those patents? That’s unbelievable sad.

Microsoft owns some patents, but the other company owns the majority. i don’t know in’s and out’s of the patent fight, just that the troll essentially killed anyone making them. Its not a terribly large market.

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I had one, then they got rid of the game port and it no longer worked for me. Think I donated it to Goodwill or something. Wow, will look next time I’m at one, maybe luck out. Now I am going to give away my FSX Steam CD/DVD box (software inside), because I have the Original DVD’s FSX I bought new years ago. Gosh, the price sticker is still on the box, 19.99 USD. Anyway it’s also installed on PC, and it runs way better than MSFS-2020 does. I have not crashed in years. But, the AP acted weird the last time I put in flight.

I’m gonna sell my car… :smile:


This is my ffb a logisch wingman forcefeedback racingwheel
I cut the wheel off and jammed an old gameport ch flightyoke shaft in it. i disconected the pedals of the wheel. The force is there, if it wasn’t for the engine which is not strong but it works, on top i fixed a xbox controller which also has ffb, it give heavier support so it trembles on top of my yoke

Happy creative and flying moments.