I genuinley love this game BUT the never ending list of bugs are driving me away

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When this game works, it’s a lovely experience. I’ve only had it since December but at £140 and 18 months after initial release, I expected it to be a bit more… stable. It feels like every update is 2 steps forward but 3 steps back and it’s becoming frustration and mentally exausting. Especially when you’re putting in time on long flights. I assure you, I’m not here to troll or start a flame war. I’m just venting my frustration I guess.

I’ve attempted three tranatlantic crossings today (Heathrow to Dulles) and on all occaisions the game gradually starts framing out/stuttering until it crashes to desktop. The lagging starts just as I’m transitioning between Canada’s and Boston’s airspace. The same place everytime. The last time just now, I actually managed to get the plane on the ground but the stuttering was that bad, the game wouldn’t recognise my inputs for the reverse thrusters so I overshot the runway and crashed.

Then you have the XBOX controller issue. I’m on PC but I use an Elite Series 2 controller for all of my games. I can’t be bothered to unbox and set up my HOTAS which I only use for DCS World. But since the last couple of updates, the game frequently (but not always) doesn’t detect the controller if it’s connected via Bluetooth. You have to connect it via a cable or close the game down and reboot it again before it’s detected and works properly. Taking how long this game takes to load, it can be really tiresome.

ATC voices cutting out. All you can hear is your own. This happens often but apparently it’s been that way from release?

And a myriad of other bugs that you think are fixed but come back.a version or two later. It’s getting to the point where I’m wanting to uninstall it all to save a huge amount of space. Am I on my own here with this feeling of frustration and exaustion? Or am I making too much of things?


Welcome to the “pay for” FS 2020 beta tester group. :wink: Some of us have been waiting for FS 2020’s “baby teeth” to fall out for near two years. :slight_smile:

Problems with FS 2020 seem to manifest themselves in a myriad of ways. Some common to everybody, others not.


That is the issue with a lot of people unfortunately, but I always seen that it affects some pretty badly while other have rarely any issues at all. For me I have been a lucky one where I have never experienced any stuttering or fps drops after prolonged flight of 5 hours or more, neither do I have any Xbox controller issues with any aircraft except the recently released PMDG, but PMDG themselves already acknowledged that it is something on their side that they need to fix. Never use ATC unfortunate mainly because it sucks in general, but I really never have used the AI ATC at all in any sims like in FSX, P3D or even X-Plane.

I can’t imagine how frustrating it can be to happen to some while others are going just fine. I hope it all resolves out for you.


On the Commodore64, the SubLogic flight simulator ran at about 1 frame/sec with the image drawn only with lines. The math was double precision on an eight bit CPU. All of the graphics calculations were done by the CPU. It was through some of these algorithms that successive GFX cards were designed. With each generation of CPU there was a generation of GFX card that offloaded more and more of the GFX pipeline from the CPU to the GFX card processors. That means the original SubLogic code has been rewritten for each generation. It takes professionals to make these kinds of changes.

During the last 40 or so years of hobby flight simulation there have been many disruptions. Y2K, security issues, crypto currency nonsense, even COVID have all contributed to things not always working the way we would like. Stuff happens.

I don’t have too much trouble with the ATC. When it loses track, I contact it (the tower) and it catches up. OTOH, I do not exercise every aspect of the sim. I’m more of a sightseer. I prefer the smaller planes.

Flight simulation is a complex endeavor. Don’t expect reality. Just make sure your hardware is capable.

Sim issues aside, I avoid Bluetooth devices as much as possible. There are some days I just can’t get a Bluetooth headset or mouse to connect to whatever system I’m using.

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You are being a little overreactive. The day we start censoring what other people can post on here is the day it is NOT a public forum and will be useless. I don’t like seeing these type of useless posts either but we don’t know the mind of the user who uploaded it and we must allow freedom of expression and opinion, however much that irritates others. So long as he is not abusive or defamatory. He may have a genuine feeling of grievance and wish to express it.


Ok folks, lets keep this on topic!


Hey, at least the guy is apparently only considering uninstalling the game. What I can’t believe are the guys who come on and say “I’m gone” as if we need to know they’re leaving for some reason.


A last reminder folks, discuss sim issues constructively all you want, we cannot discuss what is liked and disliked about posters.


I’ve never tried a transatlantic flight because of the well-known issues with FPS drop over long flights. I have generally kept my flights on the “regional” side of things…a couple hours or less. I will say you have the patience of a Saint to try the same flight three times.

Yes, SU9 has been particularly buggy, but this particular bug has been difficult to squash and has been going on for a long time.

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I’ve had the same issue (as one of the few luckily) before the SU9 Hotfix AND a repair of my .Net installation.

Blaming the sim itself is always easy as it may show symptoms of something else - in my case it was likely a corrupted installation of .Net - this is btw. known especially on the latest Windows 11 update. It’s worth a try for everyone to just reinstall both .Net optional features. There is a video guide by some elder gent about the process to do so:

A flight today on the PMDG 737 from OMDB to LOWK (~5.5h) went without stutters or crashes, with PG enabled, all WUs installed, traffic being live traffic with AIG, 40fps on 4k with settings above “Ultra” (Terrain LOD at 300) on some not that fresh i9 9900k paired with an RTX2080ti :slight_smile:

Also I use some other optimizations when it comes to processing on the Nvidia Control Panel like low latency mode = on, shader cache size = deactivated and texture filtering quality = high performance (there is no real visible difference, at least on 4k).

To me it was clear since the alpha that because of the pure complexety of a flight sim in general and the announced constant updates that this would ultimately resolve in many year long term project.

Adding a lot of 3rd party addons doesnt make bug fixes easier also. We could also mention that other flight sims that are many years old still getting updates to improve and resolve bugs and now wonder but i digress…

When it comes down to the issues you mentioned, I also use a elite series 2 controller but never had any issues , however i use the wifi stick because of shared bandwith issues with my bluetooth headset in use, no ctd tho. So that might be something you could fix quite easy.
As far as performance goes, since update 7 the sim runs way smoother than before while at the same time also graphical improvements have been implemented. But i can only speak about my experience and my system.
Also i dont have the issues with the ATC you mentioned.
Even with the latest Hotfix i havent faced any fps or ctd issues.

By conclusion this means that it must be mostly system specific. Meaning your hardware, addons, mods, graphic settings and your windows machine and all the program/data/exe files MSFS needs to cumminicate with. Are they also some bugs in the sim ? Sure, but that brings me all the way back to my beginning statements. Nevertheless, hope you will sort it out sooner than later. cheers


Believe me you are not alone, consider myself as a very nervous and hard to control myself type of person…
Been flagged twice for barely trying to express or say what i think.
we can’t fly properly, no communication and we can’t complain…
Are we sure Asobo is actually in EU …???

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I have hardly any problems with the sim, but people seem to get upset these days if you say that.

The few minor problems I do get, I can work around as I’ve got to know them. And like everyone else, I had a torrid time after the Xb*x update thing (SU5, was it?), but I stuck with it and it’s fine now.

Sorry and all that, but I’m lovin’ it.

I would like to suggest, if transatlantic flying is problematic, that you fly somewhere less transatlantic. Same experience but it a lot less time.

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I think it’s wonderful that you aren’t having any problems! That means you’re enjoying the sim the way it was intended.

What I find infuriating is when another person has an Xbox the same as I do, and they have no problems, but I’m unable to use the sim with the amount of problems. Certainly not upset with the individual, but the situation is maddening!