I have a question, What is trackir? please forgive my ignorance

Hi there, please forgive my ignorance, but what is TrackIR? Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

Hear it from the man who invented it . . .


an head tracker tool that translates your head movenemt into the game / sim.

A small piece of hardware to give VR-like view anning on your screen.


A cheaper alternative is SmoothTracker that is available on iOS and android which works well. Probably not as good as trackir but it’s less than £/$ 10 so allows you to see if the concept works for you.

As meany others, I use it since years. In my opinion, very effective and relatively cheap. You can attach it to your headphones and forget about it. Totally reliable. Maybe a little tricky to tune it the first times, but then it becomes very natural. Can’t fly without. Will use it untill VR will become less expensive and consolidated.

See how this guy looks completely away from the monitor and his tracking still works when he looks back without having to mess about with any in game control?

This is how it’s supposed to work. This is how it’s worked for years. Indeed this is even how it worked in FS2020 prior to SU7


Interesting… I had never seen it in action before… now I have a new search parameter for Black Friday!


More information about TrackIR can be found here: