I have no water masks where others do

Very possibly time related.
A lot of posters mentioned a big change in graphics quality probably around November - December with one of the updates.
I tried to reproduce this as well, with the same results as you and Hobanagerik.

Sounds like probably isn’t there anymore wait for the update after next world update, as they are supposedly adding all the missing water masks around the world depending what is available to them at the time.

Went to SKPV as suggested in a previous post to check. I can see the water as described using both desktop and VR mode.
It’s indeed nicer than the usual greener sea.

Ok, I am will wait for the next update and see what that brings. Thanks for all your replies and suggestions :slight_smile:


With World Update 3, do you now see water masks? (If you have, don’t forget to delete your manual cache, as mentioned in the release notes!)

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Ok, after downloading and installing update 3 I went back to MBSC and now I do have water masks. It looks like Bora Bora also has some amazing water masks.

Thanks for all the replies everyone :slight_smile:


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Heading there now. :slight_smile:

It looks great now. The whole area is covered in detail.