I have oculus ques2 and reverb g1.my opinion

Hi, i have both glasses. First i bought oculus and really i must say that are very good
I have a nvidea 2080ti and i fly with everything to ultra and render to 100.
Everything very smooth but the image is just good.
The reverbg g1 i use with everything in ultra and also render to 100 and 60 hz. Very very smooth and the image is perfect
Aldo the weight is less than oculus and you can be 1 hour using it without being tired
I have to make tests with reverb and 90 hz
When you tey reverb you dont want oculus.
Also hp are very essy to install

Hope it helps

@IcedLeaf1377528can you share all your settings (Openxr, oculus software, oculus debug tool) usi g your oculus quest 2 please?

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