I have problems with radar

does it just happen to me?
I am surrounded by clouds and nothing appears in the adirs. the key settings are right, I have already checked.
this thing has happened to me for a long time now

I don’t undestand what’s the prpblem with the ADIRS? Looks ok to me.
Are you talking about the weather radar?

If yes, the gain is in the MIN position, should be in CAL.

Another question is, what do you expect to see?

I expect to see this.
I made some signs to make you understand

I expect to see that draws the weather … the clouds

however I did not understand what you told me “the gain is in the MIN position”

You can’t see clouds if they don’t contain a lot of water e.g. in a CB/TS.

The GAIN switch should be in the CAL position. If it’s in MIN you might not even see a TS.

Suggest to edit your thread title because it has nothing to do with the ADIRS.

OK thank you.
what title do you suggest?

You are welcome. Suggest to exchange ‘in the adirs’ with ‘radar’.

sorry but the GAIN switch is not operational.
it does not change

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Also, those weather radar detects rain clouds… Not rain-less clouds. This was incorrectly represented from the base default radar, so FBW team has corrected this by only displaying Rain clouds.

Interesting. Asobo should have at least rotated it into the correct CAL position.

Well, all clouds consist of water. It’s just the amount of water which is important.