I Interviewed Jorg Neumann on Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox, future plans, AI traffic, shared cockpit, replays, & much more 🤗

I know and agree it is a definition that may sound strange initially, but it does have a firm meaning/intention.

For my part (and others who have been flight simming as a hobby for decades) “hard core” simply means dedication to flight simming by acquiring knowledge and experience through use of proper flight rules and laws depending on the aircraft and area where one is flying in/out of. Furthermore, it is the acquisition of skills/experience/knowledge of how to fly a particular aircraft or several aircraft according to real world procedures and following them accordingly. This is all then restricted by the actual sim itself in terms of what the sim environment can bring in real terms like weather, and a multitude of other real world factors and how they influence the actual aircraft. Not withstanding, devs producing aircraft that mimic their real world counterparts as closely as possible also allowing for any sim inadequacies. Hard core simmers are demanding on all devs and always asking for the envelope to be stretched further and faster for greater realism.

Then there are the casual type persons who only enter flight simming for a short time and/or who are only interested in browsing around the sim very casually. And there’s no problem with that to be clear.

But therein lies the difference between “casual” and us “hard core” simmers. :wink:

I have a feeling that Orbx, AUScene, NZA Simulations, and more will be done improving Australia & NZ before Microsoft even gets there haha.

Oceania seems to have one of the highest concentration of prolific addon developers in the world :smiley:

Anyway and whatever i think about priority in new implemented features and bug fixes for what i call a flight sim, i forgot to thx the author for sharing this interview.


This is true, Aus & NZ definitely punch above their weight when it comes to the amount of addons already available. Just happy that our little country is on Jorg’s radar!

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Just wondering:
Has there been an official statement that the core code for the PC and Xbox is “Identical” ?

I believe it was clearly said at different occasions “PC won’t be dumbed down because of Xbox” and/or “Xbox will be the same experience as the PC”, or something along these lines like:

(although here the official word is “content”)

Furthermore the entire paradigm is code once play anywhere and this is what MSFT is pushing forward.

If this is written somewhere, you’ll certainly find it faster than me, but everything is telling the code is supposed to be the same amongst the 2 versions. Obviously I might be entirely wrong too.

[EDIT: found some info]

SDK Q&A April 21st Overview - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Q: Will update run on Xbox and PC at the same or will they be running independently?

Eric – It’s the same code base but we can’t tell if they are going to be deployed simultaneously (It’s not
really an SDK question)

They can’t currently be truly identical though, since the Xbox version is launching with DX12 and the PC isn’t getting it till later…

Will be interesting how things fare over the mooted 10+ Year life cycle of the game. Fair to say that PC hardware will be leaving XSX/S somewhat far behind 5-10yrs from now…. Will that truly be addressed by massive scalability in the engine or will they have to diverge?

A couple of relevant points:

  • The FlyInside Bell only uses the executable for enforcing DRM. The entirety of the helicopter flight model is coded using WASM inside the sim.
  • The Fenix A320 is going outside the sim less due to limitation and more due to design choice. It uses an existing external Airbus simulation platform and then pipes that data into displays and such inside the sim. This is one of the primary reasons why it is being developed at such a high pace. Everything you see them doing is presently possible (with a few small features still needing better APIs) already in the sim, today.

The sim is already capable of the hardcore. It just takes time for it to be delivered. Aircraft and avionics development is extremely time consuming. But the pace at which we’re going to see really deep aircraft and avionics in MSFS is way earlier that we have seen for other sims, which were all well into the multiple years since release before anything similar was delivered.

The team has a 8AM my time meeting every Thursday, and while I’m shuffling bleary-eyed into my office to turn on my webcam, the dude looks like he’s been up already for 3 hours and ready to go. And that’s because he has been up already for 3 hours.

Flightsim is a 5AM to 8PM job for Jorg. He’s awesome. The enthusiasm is 100% genuine.

-Matt | Working Title


I like that they are treating the replay system as serious as they are stating. It’s that important!

This doesn’t surprise me at all. Definitely have to admire Jorg’s work ethics. :grin:

Starting work at 8 'o clock is not really considered early in Germany.
that’s a pretty standard starting time for many people.

Matt said 5.

Thank you for answering these questions

that’s impressive !

All high managers on big project do this. Mine does as well. It is more normality than exceptional.

Is it so wrong to give praise and credit instead of just being an Eeyore and trying to put out those fires of acclamations?

The work being done here and the positive vibes of Jorg are worth noting especially with all that’s going on in the world. This Sim is a beautiful escape, albeit temporary, but a fun reprieve nonetheless!

Hearing people shrug off his hard work, happy-positive demeanor, and then even accuse him of fake smiles is beyond comprehension. Smacks of envy.

Gratefulness is so much more attractive.

This is a big project and I’m sure behind the scenes the work is rewarding but exhausting.



But they only use a dx12 wrapper without custom dx12 coding. So the Code can be identical. The true adaptation of dx12 features should come together with the pc release.

I love the project, the product but i never have personality cult neither fanboy attitude. I’m focused on the product i have paid for, i didn’t give my money to enter in a fan club. So Jorg is doing his job, well, and thx for that, but nothing more. At this level of responsability on the most important video game franchise (and at this level of money too), such an implication is normal.

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Glad that you have a good manager, but I can guarantee that among all the executives and sub-executives I know (and I know quite a few) this kind of work ethics and enthusiasm is rare.

At lower level is a lot more common, but at Jorg’s level it’s not.

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Being grateful and kind is not fanboy-ism.

It’s common decency. Or uncommon decency these days.