I just whant to say my many thanks to Microsoft Asobo and HP reverb G2

i started the ms flightsimulator experience in the 80 years. Year after year an evolution came. Now i am 57, i just return from a 3 hours of simulation with G2…it was INCREDIBLE !! AMAZING !!.
You know what, Microsoft, Asobo, i love you !! this experience with VR was so fantastic… i have 15 now…what hapiness…thank you !!!


Have you had the guts to do a barrel roll yet?

Asking for a friend :wink:

Woof ~ Woof & Salute!

If your computer and your GPU are powerful enough, you can get even more resolution by editing the usercfg.opt file for the terrain and object LODfactors. I have the render scale in my sim graphics settings at 100 TAA, graphics settings there at 200 for Terrain LOD, 200 for Object LOD, essentially all ULTRA settings for everything else, both for 2D and VR. I also have the new precache slider on ULTRA. OXR scaling is unchecked to let the computer decide but I have Motion Reprojection at Always On. In the usercfg.opt, which you can edit with a text editor (after making a backup copy!), change the 2D settings from 2.0 to 4.0 for the LODfactors and the VR settings (only if you have a very powerful rig) from 1.0 to 2.0. Save the file as usercfg.opt (same name) and in the file properties check the READ ONLY attribute. According to MSI Afterburner, I’m using over 8 Gb of VRAM and about 16 Gb or thereabouts of RAM when I do this. Windows Game Bar agrees with the % of RAM usage but pegs my VRAM usage lower (18%). I have a 3090 with an i9-9900K.

The 2D view definitely has increased level of detail. It’s so sharp into the distance it looks unrealistically detailed (a real life view would blur with increasing distance because of the increasing optical distortion of the atmosphere with increasing distance). It definitely helps the VR view, too, although if you’re flying a heavy with a glass instrument panel, etc., it may be too much for your computer. But for the Icon A5 or the Zlin Ultra Shock or even the TBM 930, I’m willing to put up with a few microstutters here and there for the gorgeous view.

I didn’t invent any of this. It came from the very helpful advice of other forum members! I guess I’ll have to try it but I was wondering since the LODfactors are specified in usercfg.opt as decimal numbers whether it works to go for fractional parts, e.g., set the VR LODfactors to 1.5 if 2.0 seems to be too much for the computer to handle?

i’ll try it lol

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I am fully agree with you. But to enjoy VR experience, need an high level PC. Sadly many people try VR experience with medium PC. They need to set resolution of headset and sim graphic to low and get disappointed from this experience.

I agree that VR is a great experience in flying but I hope Microsoft and Asobo can improve a lot the experience. In this term we should have some improvements. I think we can get more frames with our hardware. 9900k oc 5,1, 3080ti oc.
We’ll see if dx12 and other improvements in code for VR can make us all that happy.
We also need better support for wide fov HMD like Pimax. The more fov, the more inmersion.

I’m with you although up until SU5 I was cursing them. I have an AMD system that was plagued with CTD’s and they left us to rot until they rolled out the xbox version. Thank God that runs on AMD hardware else I’m afraid I’d still be cursing them. They were forced to fix the sim for AMD people.

But since SU5 it’s been a real pleasure to enjoy this beautiful sim with the reverb G2. It is jaw-dropping when it works.

RTX 3090 RL (biker) and lover for joy the MS Sim here. Appreaciate u Post! Feeling the same! Your welcome!

This is not a resume to get a break ASobo. Work hard so i do!

15 VR headsets? Sorry I don’t undersand.

Yeah flight simmer here with similar experience, think I started in the late 80’s as well.
Flight sims in VR now are the ultimate for sure. No way could I ever go back to gaming on a monitor.

I tried some sims in past - and I couldn’t play, not when I had to unnaturally switch views (eye/head tracking is also unnatural) with mouse/keyboard etc. When I tried in VR - it was “that is the only way it should be”, natural and good. And beautiful. Since then I soaked in completely.

where is this file?

For me, I have MSFS on a non-system drive, so the location is:

G:\WpSystem\S-1-(Windows User ID)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache

BE SURE TO MAKE A BACKUP COPY - it can reside in the same place under a different name, like My 20211011 Old Usercfg.txt

You can edit the file with a text editor like Notepad.

After you make any edits, make your new usercfg.opt file read-only to prevent MSFS from changing any edits back. Such as if you change any LODfactors for terrain and object in the usercfg.opt file, MSFS based on the Graphics settings options (make LODfactors for terrain and object are 200 right now in sim) won’t change the values back.

I think it’s been announced for SU6, IIRC, that MS is going to allow LODfactors for terrain and object as high as 400 so one won’t have to edit usercfg.opt. Don’t know about the VR factors, though. I changed mine from 1.0 to 2.0 in the .OPT file and thought it made a difference with an RTX 3090.

i’m not going to thank ms/asobo, they charged me a significant amount of money so i could experience msfs. i will say well done to them for creating a truly next generation sim.