I know it isn't just me but I have noticed that the visual eye candy is slowly disappearing

Wading in with my 2 cents…

A couple of screenshots that I can match to ones I’ve kept from soon after launch… matched location, date, time and weather as near as I can:

Florence, Photogrammetry off, August 23rd

Today (November 17th)

La Pas, August 22nd

Today (November 17th)

Based on only my own observations:

Very little discernible difference. We do now have more bluish hazy horizon, better water scaling (see the river in Florence), Less reddening at sunrise & sunset (see mountains around La Paz). I also get slightly better FPS and much smoother display. Running full 4K most on high / ultra with 2080ti. (images scaled to HD)

My personal observations - despite some hiccups along the way. Graphics are being sustained or improved.


FYI: If it wasn’t clear, I am not the one claiming it was intentional. I am however claiming it isn’t at the same level as it was at launch. Considering how Asobo has made more changes unintentionally than intentionally, I bet most of you are correct in assuming they didn’t do it on purpose.

Evidence of any kind that suggests something is missing or that it does not exist is impossible to provide. It is made even more difficult by the fact that I cannot go back to the state my sim was or else I would.

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Dude!!! Thank you so much for posting this. So here is the deal, this is an awesome post as to my eyes the second scenario with the Citation is clearly better at launch. In the first scenario it isn’t as pronounced but I can still see a deterioration in the quality.

Note: I did a blind test with my family members (they make for a good test as the sim has taken all my time away from them :upside_down_face:) they unanimously picked the August version as better in the second scenario and we had a tie on the first one.

Agreed it is quite toxic to read such blatant accusations.
A new simmer may not be as level headed nor experienced to know not to believe what all veteran simmers are stating, but I also notice people weaponizing this conspiracy as a tool to bash the things that they hate here.

Xbox Console Gaming
Virtual Reality Simming
Some people just really hate Asobo/Microsoft and the new sim period.

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I guess a lot is in the perception. I can see no ‘physical’ difference between the two except the coloring. I admit, I liked the very warm orangy coloring early on, but as many commented - it wasn’t really natural and there was lots of requests for it to be toned down … which it has been.

Here are my pre/post patch 2 and patch 3 comparisons:

Since then they’ve improved the water and night reflections as well as AA etc.

I’ve not bothered to update for patch 4, 5 and 6 - no point really, In sim, it looks better than ever and so no need to waste my time doing all this again.


Really? Can you mark out on the pics where you think the differences are?

Don’t know why it was flagged, but I think you need to add the words “allegedly” and “in my opinion” and “with absolutely no evidence whatsoever” to the post if you want it to be accurate.

EDIT - and I would refer you to this post:

That’s fair. :handshake:

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Too much political correctness on this forum if you ask me.

Just say it as you see it.

On the subject itself, I live in Portsmouth UK which is one of the only two PhotoG areas available in the UK - the other being Southampton just up the road.

At 2000 feet it looks superb; I can literally use the drone to see the curtains in my apartment front window! However, at 3000 feet the whole area loses all definition and looks worse than the offline scenery.

Test it for yourself at various flight levels and you will see what I mean.

On day one of the sim, the same scenery was much, much better.


I thought it was pretty obvious I was joking about the other things to talk about bit… however I stand by the assertion that this forum is every bit as much a pulpit for users to complain about whatever aspect of the sim they feel like complaining about, as much as it’s a pulpit for them to celebrate every aspect of the sim they feel like celebrating.


Your setup isn’t exactly the greatest buddy… you need higher setting in order for the sim to look better and for that you need high end hardware.

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That includes water mask made for the promo.

Most beach areas do not have anything similar…

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No problem with that, and agree wholeheartedly. People must avoid abuse and pointless ranting though as that is unnecessary and helps no one. Finding issues, highlighting them and helping the devs to find solutions is the way to go.


People see what they want to see…always been like that.

Not every post needs to be that though. Like I said before, this isn’t in the bug report section. nor is it ZenDesk.

Also here is what I notice right off the bat. I also prefer the older colours better.

Red circle - missing LOD
Red rectangle - flat, washed-out look (as a photographer you would understand)
Blue rectangle - blurry details

I will add two of my own images taken just yesterday. I used the drone and noticed that the draw distance was VERY low. Moving even a tiny bit showed a straight line draw distance on the roof of the terminal building. Settings are 200 and Ultra, over 30 FPS in airliners.


loosing definition like this melted you means? (Google Picture here)

Yes but also everything looks flat.

Those pic are from Google earth which is limitation from photogrammetry technology on lower altitude, everything will look worst, lower lod rendering distance. if you are using offline mode or none photogrammetry area, there will be no such of melted, they use custom hand made 3d model with local custom texture.

As far as I know, Southampton is the only PG area in the UK. Portsmouth is not one of the listed cities.

EDIT - just checked and you are right, it is - although interestingly it doesn’t have the little POI marker on the world map like Southampton