I like WU IV

‘Not installed’ tags on the content manager page is an annoying one and, despite my first ever CTD with it, I must confess I really like WU IV.

Both graphics and performance, for the very first time since initial release, seem to be optimized, ie tree draw distance significantly improved, much less almost no stutters over and around dense PG towns, way higher FPS.

What I, in particular, like is that building archetypes make whole France look as if rendered in PG, as an eye-candy.

Still a long way to go for sure, outstanding areas to be improved, though :

  • Realistic ATC
  • Garmin issues
  • Seasons
  • Yet better water textures in calm weather
  • DirectX12 and all of its benefits

whereby, many of the above are actually being worked on by the MS / Asobo team.


I am having a serious case of Deja-Vu here !!

Anyway –

"Different strokes for different folks"

Flying Game with pretty Eye Candy, or a Realistic Flight Simulator.

There is obviously a “Market” for both, but so far, not a “Product” that fully meets both requirements.

That is the big Challenge, going forward…


me too, LMFAO

Unfortunately, that’s the priority atm with the XBOX release looming in the not-too-distant future.

The priority is a stable and smooth experience on XBox with the aim to attract more people interested in aviation and simulation.

Wether they’re going to pull that off is yet to be seen.

I think we’re suffering a bit from the fact that they’re doing multiple things at the same time which it is fine to have an opinion on.

But there is no doubt in my mind that everyone (also on the MS/Asobo side) wants this to become the best sim possible.

Whether you’re going to complain and make useless and false claims in the meantime is entirely up to you of course, but it doesn’t really help anyone.

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