I`m not being able to fly with the A320NX

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Before I joined the Beta, whenever I tried to fly with the Flybywire A320 the plane appeared invisible on the screen. After I joined the Beta, I get stuck in the loading screen and It wont load the sim. I already tried uninstalling and installing the plane but it didnt help. Can somebody help me pls? Thanks
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Hey @Bewoss. Sorry to see you having these problems. Often times a user has had a previous version of the FBW A320 loaded at the same they load the latest Release or Dev build, and this issue of a disappearing aircraft happens - at least it did to me. Be sure you have completely uninstalled the FBW A320 from the Content Manager, and then from the Windows App Uninstaller (formerly the Control Panel).

Next, reinstall the FBW A320 from their included installer and see where you are with the aircraft appearing.

Also - The FBW A320 is a 3rd Party aircraft, so a Mod may move this bug report to a more appropriate location. I may be mistaken, but it could happen.

Thanks for repying,
I didnt install any FBW APP outside Flight Simulator. Am I suppose to? The Fly by wire Im trying to fly is the one available on the planes section called A320nx Leap. Thanks

There is a stock A320 that is included in MSFS. MS/Asobo would be interested in bugs for the stock A320.

There is also a third party A320 from FlyByWire, which you indicated in your description above. You can find info about the FBW A320 in this forum: Latest Third Party Addon Discussion/Aircraft topics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums FBW also has a Discord where the aircraft is discussed.

But I didn`t install FBW, it came with the sim.

That particular version that you linked was originally part of the stock sim, but has now been discontinued. You now have to get it from the FBW website. It is a totally 3rd party install now.

If you want to fly the latest FBW A320, you need to uninstall the one you linked, download the new installer from ther FBW site, and then you will be good to go.

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Oh, I see, Thanks. Its weird that they didnt take it off the available planes. Specially because it occupies 1 chunk of hard drive. Thanks

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The FBW a32nx is a separate add on aircraft. It does NOT come with the sim. You are referring to the Asobo A320, which is part of the default aircraft in MSFS. If you ARE referring the the FBW, then you must of installed it at some point.