I’m Shelving MSFS 2020

Hi All,

I’ve had it for now with this flight sim.
It shouldn’t be this hard to operate. I’m not a newbie here and have used Microsoft Flight sim since its first release.
Ever since WU 3, I’ve had one issue after another.
I was able to solve some issues like low frame rates and lessen stuttering, but now I’m unable to fly offline which I was able to due after initially installing it from the “store.”
I feel I’ve wasted money on this purchase and wasted enough time trying to get it to operate as it should. I looked into EVERY posted “solution” here and elsewhere, with no luck.
Maybe when Asobo and Microsoft get their act together and correct these issues, I’ll dust off this sim and try again.
In the meantime I’ll go back to the trouble free Prepar3d.


Hi @BlessingSet4676

This category is for reporting and discussing specific bugs. As you have not attempted to do this I have to close the topic.

Best of luck.