I need a flamingo bird strike

Or did they just render this shot for E3 and it’s not actually in the sim?

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Flamingos are in the sim, I don’t think bird strikes are simulated though.

Any idea where?

Open up your flight and search fauna, select which one you want and set as depart. You’ll start in the air close to where the animals are. Use s to look at the poi.

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This was all pre video hype. I can say I’ve never seen any birds in alpha or beta or release.

You have to be right on top of them, and they’ll move out of camera range and disappear fairly quickly. It’s fairly easy just to chase them with the drone cam though, if you want a real good look.

Non flying animals are easier to find/view, just because they tend to be larger. You still have to get pretty close for them to appear, but they’re easier to view.

Was it all hype? Really? Or is it that you don’t know how to find them in sim? Because they are there, and it’s been explained already how to find them.

The word fauna means animals in a particular area. You can filter out the map to show ‘fauna’. And what do you know, there’s flamingos. Top tip seeing as you’re struggling under all the hype; don’t look in Antarctica for flamingos but do try Africa for starters​:joy::roll_eyes:

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I did check all the fauna sites labeled as having flamingos but I saw nuttin’