I think bluetooth crashes the sim

I have a surface keyboard I use with my pc.

When I have a long-ish flight and then press a key on the keyboard it freezes the sim and crashes. Since the keyboard connects via Bluetooth. I believe that Bluetooth is causing issues.

I have seen mentions of topics covering PS4 and Xbox Controllers relating to Bluetooth as well, though I haven’t read them.

Interesting. Please report your suspicions via the Zendesk link above.

Can confirm: Issues during install and gameplay caused by bluetooth devices

Good catch all! Someone needs to confirm there is a Zendesk ticket open for this one.

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opened one a few hrs ago & added a link to this thread aswell

I’ve been able to disconnect/reconnect bluetooth audio devices without a problem – might just be limited to bluetooth input devices (keyboards/mice/etc). Good to hear you logged a ticket for it.

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I think you’re right because I had my Airpods connected while using the sim, and it didn’t cause any issues, however, I was unable to get audio from the sim to play through them. Were you able to hear audio in your bluetooth earbuds while playing?

Yep. I’m using Bose Bluetooth headphones, not earbuds, but they work fine, and nothing bad happens when I turn them on or off.

If you’re not getting audio through them I’d check your windows sound settings (right click on the speaker tray icon, and select Open Sound Settings). There doesn’t seem to be a way to select the output device in the sim itself (you can direct comms audio to your comms device though, rather than your speakers, if that’s what you want to do).

Interesting. For what it’s worth, I’ve used an Xbox controller that connects via Bluetooth on some flights. I haven’t had problems with reconnecting it during a flight after it powers itself off due to inactivity. Just adding some data for those troubleshooting this further.

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I do experience the same issue. At least the Bluetooth keyboard (Microsoft) is causing trouble. Also tested with Xbox Wireless Controller and this might cause trouble. Seems to work better if connected through USB.

Other hardware is a SB3 15" with 32GB.

I also have an Xbox controller that is wireless and uses Bluetooth dongle into a USB port. However my sim is crashing every time I turn it on or it enters sleep mode. I didnt have any trouble with this during the Alpha/Beta…

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Same here, no audio bluetooth working! Sad with my all new BOSE Headset!!!
But working wired… very strange!

Not really. The Bluetooth headset is probably not your default output device (in windows).

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Indeed! You’re right!
There was two headphone’s (declared) devices with two différent channels and MSFS use the wrong one, so I have disconnected it and keep only the right one.
It’s a bit strange because it was two BOSE headphone devices: One for phone and one for PC sound. But when the phone device is connected, the other doesn’t work :thinking:
Anyway, thanks for answer and apologize for my poor english :worried:

You shouldn’t need to disconnect. You can set the default audio device in the windows sound device properties.

It’s desactiveted presicely, not disconnected.
If not, both are “Default”

They can’t really both be default. There is a separate default for audio and communication devices (like for Skype calls).

Sorry, I’m not able to explain.
Not sure to understand myself but it’s it.
Maybe two different channels, one to telephone and one to listen sound of PC…

And… zero issue with other sims …

all - Have Bose BT QC-35 Headphones, also use Samsung Ear Buds Plus as well. When using EBP’s, they sometimes don’t work, so I have to go into settings/Bluetooth and “enable them”, then they work. In the lower right corner of Taskbar, little speaker icon, right click that, and a list of available “enabled” devices will show, if the device is not there it needs to be enabled in BT settings aforementioned, then it will work. Intel released a new BT driver yesterday for my PC, assume lots of Intel based systems need that update. I hope it fixes the “audio drop out on the Ear Buds/Headphones”. Have not tested it yet to see. Going to plan flight today, bad WX here.