I Told My Friends I Was Flying Around The World

But they didn’t believe me.


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I’ve been around the world, twice. And I don’t believe me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Post it on somewhere like Facebook or Twitter. Back in the FSX days I posted a picture from the Caribbean and someone actually thought I had been in the Caribbean flying.


Have fun with it… I did it in the MB339 with actual fuel range and all hand flown no autopilot. Realtime weather on.

Thinking about doing it again, but will pick a plane with autopilot this time…

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I am still in the process of flying around the world in a Cessna 152. Hand flying all the time.
I do it for myself and do not share this a lot besides people here on the forums.

It’s important that you enjoy it. Maybe find a few nice places which you did not know about yet or spot places to travel to in reality. My list is getting longer and longer.


BINGO! This is what Flight Simulator has been to me for 27 years now.


I’ve been around the world once in the g36 about 1700 to 2000ft VFR with real weather. I took over 6000 screen shots in HDR only to have windows photos suddenly and without warning refuse to view the HDR images properly as it once did before. Now I have 6000 pictures all in HDR and the only wat to view them is with this (ONLY MICROSOFT) app that only allows you to view the pictures properly one at a time. No next or previous buttons. I can’t tell you how much that sucks because I really wanted to share and show off these pictures but to view one at a time?? the app is archaic, ancient, useless, binary dribble.

Maybe if I could actually view my HDR screenshots in an app that has features above the pre kinder garden school level, I might fly around the world again.


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