I use a Trackball

And I have no mousewheel, just wondering if its possible to add zoom in, zoom out key bindings in a future update.

How do you still have a trackball mouse? Also this game requires a pretty beefy computer to run, so do you have like a Ultra Gaming RGB desktop that you use a trackball mouse with, lol.
But in all seriousness you should probably get a new mouse because I doubt the devs are going to add that feature.

Zoom and unzoom can be applied to any key or button you choose. Across all camera types. Unsure what you mean.

I cant zoom in / out on the world map. And yea, I just built a new RGB system heh, still in progress, but its turning out nice. Especially with the case I went with, Thermaltake V71

would using Autohotkey scripts be okay with this game?