I want a study level TBM 850!

Title says it all, I’m “in love” with the TBM, if someone were to do a study level of a TBM, like, the same avionics as Stevo1kinevo, that would be SWEEEET!

I’d even be willing to fork out as much money as I did for the “Hotstart TBM” from another simulator that shan’t be named!

With an emphasis on the VR aspect of it… A TBM 850 catering to us VR users!

Have you by chance asked the Hoststart folks what their MSFS2020 plans are? I have that as well and it’s fantastic. Would be a huge hit in MSFS.

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just asked them via a questionaire, we’ll see what happens!

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The Hotststart is brilliant would love to see it in MSFS


Study Level TBM 930/940 would be nice too. I love Glasscockpits, :sunglasses:

Second that on a ‘study level’ TBM 930/940 or 900. Love the TBM and my favourite performance prop plane by far. The MSFS default looks nice but has no depth for systems and flight model. Mugz mod that made the TBM somewhat bearable is broken beyond belief after SU7. A well modelled TBM from a good 3rd party developer would do really well.

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Moved to #self-service:wishlist as the request meets the “one clear, succinct wish” parameter.

So I received word back from the Hotstart folks, no bueno

A 3rd party one is coming:

Don´t worry hotstarts are possible with the Black Square TBM.