[RELEASED][V 1.1] Black Square TBM 850

Copied from Just Flight’s Facebook announcement post:

Some news for you on the forthcoming TBM 850 MSFS from Black Square. The plane is now part of the ‘In Development’ section on our website and is due out within the next couple of months, this is a whole new aircraft and likely to be one of the most technically advanced aircraft simulations for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with nearly 100 possible failures, including new turbine engine failures, hot-swappable radio configurations and the most advanced pressurisation and cabin temperature simulations in MSFS.

All the product details are live on the page and you can if you wish download the operating manual, via the link on the page. You’ll also be greeted with the first batch of screenshots from the 850, and mightily impressive they are too. One other thing worth mentioning at this point, for all future Black Square add-ons you’ll notice an improved ease of hardware and home cockpit integration, starting with the TBM 850.

So hop to the product page now and read all about and see way more screenshots. We’ll share more, including tutorial videos as we edge closer to release time.



wow :astonished:


Yet another insta-buy from BlackSquare! Amazing!

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Sign me up!

Looking very forward to this. I wonder if Ethel20092904 will mod this like they did the other Black Square aircraft.

Would black square products ever come to the marketplace? I thought they couldn’t sell the steam gauge versions of default planes there but what about their other addons?


Thought SWS were doing the older TBM models and Blacksquare were working on the Duke. This is surprising.

They are but different models.

I’m thinking Steveo1kinevo right here.


Thx. Prompts the question, How many TBM’s do you need?

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Either Black Square or SWS ought to get Steveo1kinevo to fly/endorse their plane. That’s sell a bunch of copies of the plane and MSFS…


I did notice the repaint in the screenshots of the sister reg aircraft to Stevo’s ex TBM850 851TB…N852TB :grin:


I’m personally really looking forward to taking this out for a spin! :smile:


Very hyped for this. Black Square only releases great aircraft.


First day buy$$$$


Hope we get Steveo1kinevo as an avatar. :wink:


Really looking forward to this one :heart_eyes:

He was just fired :confused:

N851TB is being sold.

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I’m excited given their A36 Turbo.

Although I wish we could get a study level G1000 or G3000 airplane. We seems to be stuck with the half done Asobo airplane.

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Oh, I just saw this includes the TBM 960 as well!

I’ve not bothered with the TBM 930 as much since the community version has been abandoned.

What would your expectation of a “Study Level” G1000 or G3000 plane be?
Is it ok if they use the stock WT GPS’s?

Or are you expecting said author to rewrite them?

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