I want [ low altitude ifr ], but 35000 feet?

i play propeler aircraft (GA)
so, i want Low altitude. and, i set 15000 altitud in world map.
but, ATC say climb 35000

You may wish to check your flight plan again. When I specify a cruising altitude of 12,000 ft, ATC has me climb to 12,000 ft. and no more.

…maby untill 1/3 , 12000 is good.
but, last 2/3, ATC start to request 20000. 25000. 35000.
maybe… i think. when Distance is long, ATC request more high altitude.

Same here, was fine before update 5. New issues !!!

ATC only uses the info in your flight plan. They don’t make up stuff at random. If you want to make your entire trip at 5,000 ft, put it into the flight plan.

I was doing a flight the other night, I’d put my flight plan at 2500ft all the way. ATC still kept telling me to climb to 7000, when I got to 7000 they’d tell me to descend to 4200, when I got there, back to 7000.

ATC definitely makes up stuff like this at random, it almost always try’s to send me to FL310 on approach in my DC-6, even if FL160 is set in the flight plan. I just ignore instructions from ATC which dont make sense, i almost get the feeling the longer i ignore it the more ridiculous the instructions from ATC become.

I have the same problem. I selected low altitude and atc wanted me to go to 45,000. It has to do with the distance to the destination. When I select a short distance flight plan it goes to say 12,000 ft and stays there. When I choose a long-distance flight plan, it takes me to 47,000 sometimes, which is higher than the max altitude for the Citation Longitude.

I have no idea what is in your flight plan or which flight planner you use. I recently completed a 800 nm IFR flight using IFR Low Altitude specifying 16,000 ft as the Cruise Altitude. ATC did not issue any climb instructions exceeding 16,000.

When you choose low altitude, are you using the default Cruse Altitude? The difference between High Altitude and Low Altitude are the waypoints and airports indicated on the different maps. It doesn’t have anything to do with your aircraft. It is possible to use High Altitude for a flight at 7,000 ft. or use Low Altitude for a flight at 36,000 ft. Something in your flight plan was telling ATC your aircraft could fly at 45,000 ft. even if you are flying a C172.

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It happens with the build in flight planner and with simbrief.
Like i said, maybe ATC gets crazy when you dont follow its instructions,
what i have to do often in the DC-6 because its decent profile. ATC definitely try’s to send you above your cruising altitude in some cases, in my case almost all the time.

When I use SimBrief to create my flight plans, it uses 43,000 ft as the default cruising altitude no matter what aircraft I use. When I use World Map flight planner, my default cruising altitude is 38,000 ft no matter which aircraft I am using. ATC will assign climb instructions to my default cruising altitude even if the C172 is being flown. I make sure I change the default to something reasonable like 9,000 ft for the C172, higher for turboprops and jets.

I do that as well, but it still demands silly flight levels, mostly on approach.

That is absolutely NOT TRUE. In-Game ATC gives very stupid altitude callouts, even some the AC you are flying is not capable of achieving. An example is telling my C172 to climb to 18000 ft. Pure rubbish.

Best way to deal with it is to let the AI deal with it and to ignore it most of the time, sometimes i mute com1 till im about to get landing clearance if it gets too annoying.

“absolutely NOT TRUE” is your (and others) experience, not mine.

I used to have ATC assigning goofy altitudes before it was fixed several updates ago.

I can replicate ATC “being stupid” easily. I create a flight plan for my C172 using my default cruising altitude. ATC gives me climbing instructions to 38,000 ft and gets annoyed at me for not expediting my climb.

As long as I create my flight plan with an appropriate cruising altitude, ATC does not give me climb instructions above my specified altitude unless I create my flight plan wrong. I recently created a flight plan with a SID waypoint having an at-or-above altitude of 18,000 ft. My cruise altitude was 16,000 ft. ATC gave me climb instructions to 18,000 ft because I specified that SID in the flight plan.

I do have issues with ATC but altitude assignment is not one of them.

I was flying a C-172 yesterday and it kept telling to climb to 18,000 feet. I kept requesting a lower altitude, but it wanted me to climb to 18,000 and then expect 10,000.

They need to train ATC to respect the capability of the aircraft.