I want move about in the passenger cabin

I was flying the private jet and saw that great passenger cabin and want to use the free camera to get there but the invisible walls stop you. Please fix this for us I love the game. 3rd party aircraft by Carenado (C182, M20, PA44 are all available in the FS Marketplace) the Tbm 930 also works for the passenger cabin

What private jet? Are you talking about the Citation CJ4 maybe?

What “great passenger cabin” do you mean and where did you see it?

Some planes in the sim have their full interiors modeled to move around in, some only have the cockpits.

I noticed that on some aircraft (XCub, DA40s, DA62, G58, G36, King Air, C172s, C208, CJ4), there is an invisible wall blocking camera access to the cabin / rear passenger seats. The interiors of these aircraft are mostly fleshed out and it would be nice to be able to move into the cabin and take a seat with a passenger viewpoint.

PS: The SR22 and TBM already have their entire interiors accessible.

Try :wink:

100% working.

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I am playing on Xbox series s with controler

Idk how to help you :frowning:

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I think you can switch to the drone cam and fly the drone right into the plane. Try it and see

There are two camera modes in the sim:

  1. Cockpit/External View
  2. Drone/Showcase View.

For Cockpit and External view, there are boundaries on how far you can move the camera around, this is what you call as “invisible wall”.

You need to switch to Drone/Showcase view, and you can freely move the camera around without boundaries. So you can move them to phase through the aircraft fuselage to get you to “walk” around the cabin.

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