I want my 870 flight hours back!

this evening I lost all my flight hours and the rest of achievements.

What is happening ???
I’m really angry now


I uninstalled and reinstalled and it resynced and I got my experience profile back again

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People have been complaining about this for over 4 months and still nobody has a solution.

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Hmm… did you lose your progress after that “packages…” error?

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Yes, this afternoon start the troubles with servers.

I have all my profile in Xbox app but in sim only 1 hour

I lost mine too, I feel your pain

Maybe it’s time to just move on, I’m at the point where I simply don’t gaf anymore.
It was fun while it lasted.

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Same happened to me a few days ago.
Went from over 1000 hours to single digits. :frowning:

You probably got a pop up that said your “packages were out of date” That was the beginning of the end of your logbook.Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date]

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I got the popup during a flight so I ignored it. Now Microsoft store says there is an update but won’t download it. And when I log into the simulator the marketplace is greyed out.

Same here. A few days ago I got the “packages” error, then my 950ish hours went down the drain :cry:

I had this happen to me yesterday night in mid-flight.

I opted out and tried to finish my flight, but a few minutes later all textures became blurry and ugly and the cloud cover just ended.

Stopped the sim and tried to restart it multiple times today, but the game can not connect to the X-Box servers. The server selection only says AUTOMATIC, but can’t fight any servers. The little circle thingy just goes on forever.

If you make a game dependent on an online component, you better make d a mn sure that component effing works. Having bugs is one thing, but the game being unusable is just not okay.

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It’s almost like Asobo totally owns this game and lets us use it when they feel like it. They can revoke our use of it any time they want and don’t have to give us a reason.


It certainly feels that way, although I reckon it is not intentional on their side. Something in the server architecture seems completely out of whack. Do other XBOX-reliant games face the same service disruption on a regular basis?

I never had that happen to me with any other game before. Why can Valve make Steam reliable and Microsoft can’t make XBOX reliable?

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I think the ones you are looking for are in the Profile → Content Manager, they aren’t downloaded by that first “Looking for updates” page you get before th esim/game starts. There should be a couple of airports and a bush tour (I think?) available in there for download.

Go to options → Data and make sure it says “online”.
I had that at first because it had forced me offline and didn’t set it back correctly.

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This morning in the US, it is still broken. Online functionality was switched off, and when trying to load a flight, the Packages out of date popped up again. I clicked no. Asobo still has not fixed this issue.

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