I wish railroad tracks would be depicted accurately

Rail tracks are not only as necessary as roads are for VFR navigation - it looks weird if they are hidden unter those too many trees that we have.

I can’t find parts of those tracks south of ETSF (which by the way was closed YEARS AGO as I mentioned months ago) … they seem only to be part of the satellite picture…


Also power lines are missing. One of my first waypoints is a substation. In X-Plane it is really easy to spot because all the power lines emanate from it.


Things that we are missing on the Birmingham, Alabama scenery are the TV and radio antennas on Red Mountain. Looking up close at the TV station buildings, you can even see the catwalk going from the studio to the tower, but there’s no tower!

We also want transmission lines too, please.

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Add train lines, power lines and landmarks (masts etc.) in order to allow realistic VFR navigation. I’m from Australia and these cues are quite important. Not to mention that these are essential for VFR training.


I agree. Whilst a lot of other landmarks are all present, powerlines and railway lines would also be a great assist

There is a really really good mod on flightsim.to called powerlines and solarfarms by mamudesign. it was a real gamechanger for me, go check it out


Here are the links I think you are talking about.