I wonder if someday Asobo and/or Microsoft will launch the A380 aircraft even for Xbox

So, since i am reading on Google about a giant two floor aircraft called A380, a colossus of the skies belonging to Airbus family, called GENERIC in Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X version, will be launched in Sim Marketplace even for Xbox, i would be glad to buy it and discover it.

Just let me please know about as you can, thousand thanks for your answers, friends.

FlyByWire is working on an A380 however it will be PC only.

Have not seen any plans from MSFS on one so doubtful it would come, at least not anytime soon with a third party already working on one.

Thanks for answering

They most likely will. But it wont be study level IMHO.

A380 would be nice :+1: Personally I am hoping for A220 or A330/350 coming to my Xbox. Thats because I am a noob with flight-simming and has gotten used to the systems on the Asobo A320 and wont bother learning to operate the 787 or 747. I dont even need a study-level plane. Hopefully we both get what we want at some point :blush: