I7 11700k temps

Hi, my i7 11700k typically runs at mid 50s to mid 60s c. However when panning around with the camera or quickly turning the aircraft or using quick views etc it pops up into the mid 80s c for a second or two back down again to mid 50 to mid 60sjust as fast as it went up. It occasionally will pop one core or so up to the low 70s just while flying doing nothing, but just for a fraction of a second. Are these behaviors normal?

Are you using liquid or air cooler for your CPU? And does your case have optimal air flow?

Air cooling, case is a full size lenovo legion t7i tower with 3 intakes in front, 2 exhaust fans on top, and one at the back of the case. Not sure really how well it’s actually moving air through the case though. The GPU fan gets really loud but those temps are fine.

I think this is quite normal for MSFS since you are using an air cooler. To prevent the occasional mid 80s spike, set your “offscreen terrain pre-caching to ultra” and try panning the camera.

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It’s been at ultra, also have the whole area saved to manual. It seems to only get to mid 70s to very low 80s very rarely when turning, but during normal level flight no higher than mid 60s. Wish this case had a fan controller. But as it is a quick spike followed by a quick reduction hopefully it’s ok. Going to suck in the summer as in the Seattle area very few apartments are air conditioned as temps are normally bearable, but last summer we hit over 100f a couple of days.

I wouldn’t worry too much if it only spikes to low 80s very rarely. If it is consistent, then upgrading to a liquid cooler would be a better solution.

It seems my offscreen terrain pre-caching was at high even though I initially set it to ultra. Now it’s ultra and the problem is a bit better, rarely getting into the 70s now while panning views, and only once in the low 80s for a very very short time, the cpu still will have a random core pop into the 70s while just flying, but I’m more comfortable with that. Unfortunately this case/mobo combo won’t do liquid as it can’t be mounted, but I may look into a better air cooler if this is a bigger issue this summer.

I am glad it worked. Happy flying :slight_smile:

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Problem returned, not sure why, and can’t remember if I changed anything, no longer happens when panning camera, mainly occurs when doing rapid maneuvers and goes as high as 83 on a core or two for about a second or less.

Could you check if the Intel turbo boost is enabled in your bios settings? Try disabling it and check your temps again. Also let us know your cpu clock speed while the game is running.

Thermal limits on those 11th gen is quite high, the 11700k does not thermal throttle till it hits 100 degrees C so temporary spiking to the mid 80s is nothing to lose sleep over.

If you do want to reduce your load temps you could look at under-volting and/or reducing PL1 and PL2 slightly in BIOS and seeing if you can fudge a temp improvement without effecting FPS.

The next step would be to repaste your existing cooler with something better like Thermal Grizzly, or Noctua NH2.

However if you are going to al the effort of removing your cooler and repasting you may as well fit a better cooler, something like a Noctua NH-D15 (assuming it fits) would make a massive difference.

Then there is water. With water, the cheaper small AIOs are no real benefit over a good air cooler, they really only help in super small cases. Some of the better larger AIO such as the Arctic Cooler ones are going to be a benefit but for serious water cooling you need a custom loop. That said fitting a Custom Loop to a non overclocked 11700K because it spikes to the mid 80s is overkill. It is akin to buying a Kenworth Prime Mover to drop you kids at the school bus.

It’s in boost

You might lose some FPS if you disable it since your cpu will be running at a base clock speed of 3.6Ghz, but the temps will be better.

Do you think I need to? It’s usually just one or 2 cores, and while it does hit low 80s it’s for a split second until the cpu fan ramps up. The cpu idles in the high 20s to low 30s. I paid for a gaming pc, disabling boost means I paid for something I did not get.

It’s an odd issue, sometimes it’s no big deal, like last night while flying for two hours it never had any cores above 72c, this morning it hit 84 on one core for a second and 80 on another.

Clock speed got as high as 4915, and never throttled due to temps. Forgot to add that I installed a few community mods today, not sure if that could be why it went back up a bit today.

Like I said you don’t have worry too much about the occasional spikes. I have got the same CPU with liquid cooler and an RTX 3080 gpu. My cpu temps hit occasional 80s with turbo boost enabled. But it doesn’t bother me much. Disabling turbo boost lowered the cpu temps but I lost few FPS.

Thanks again.

Last question I swear lol I’ve noticed my fps occasionally tanks to about 15 fps and the only way to recover it is alt tabbing to desktop and right back. Any idea why?

Check out this thread. It might be helpful to you

Thanks, I had that bookmarked already and was waiting to see if I could fix it without a registry edit. If I can’t figure it out, I’ll do that. Again thanks.