I9 11900k @5.2 + 4080 Strix OC DLSS Frame gen issue

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all doing great and taking advantage of this weekend! I have some questions along side with the report of issue I do not know if this is under investigation already perhaps next update is coming and then this gets fixed!

First my system is up to date running on latest OS windows 11 pro, and latest Nvidia drivers along with all required drivers for system, except BIOS which I believe updating won’t bring anything new as PC runs stable and accordingly!

System specs are:

Monitor: MSI Gaming Monitor IPS painel - 165Hz @ 1440p 27inch
CPU; Intel core I9 11900k running OC all Cores 5.2Ghz @ 1.38v
MB: Gigabyte Aorus Z590 Master
RAM: x2 16GB Total 32GB dual channel Corsair Vengeance PRO SL 3600mhz CL18 OC to 3700mhz and slight tide timings 18-20-20-40
GPU: Asus Rog RTX 4080 Strix OC 16GB running on latest Nvidia drivers 528.02 Game ready.
PSU: EVGA Supernova 1000GT 80plus Gold fully modular PSU with cablemod GPU cable 4 to one 12vhpwr
Storage: in total 3x nvme m.2, 2x 512gb and 1x 1tb Samsung Evo Pro, 1x ssd 256gb Gigabyte drive.
Cooling: 7fans 120mm Vardar EVO and EKWB MLC serviceable 240mm Cooler Phoenix. Keeping my i9 at lows 23-25c idle and gaming 34-45c with new coolant by EKWB.

So above my system and problems below:

1st do you guys think is great combination CPU -GPU ? As I know my monitor let my GPU down as 4080 is more of 4K GPU than 2k.

Also what is the latest MSFS version on stable version as I don’t remember my MSFS updating as I’m on SU11. Reason I’m asking is due the fact that in my sim I have grey option Frame Generation, currently I was only able to turn that on via Config file forcing it to on but I’m not sure I get decent performance as my fps are 65-90fps when people with even 5800x and 16gb and 4080’s get 90-120fps on ultra settings!

I have the windows 11 hardware acceleration turn on and also my Nvidia drivers were re installed using the nvcleaner and ddu so my drivers are debloted and fresh! My cpu has all 8 cores at 5.2ghz and in ultimate performance mod!

I get like all settings are ultra plus dx12 beta on and using DLSS in quality or TAA do not change anything! Also I had the Tlod 200 and details lod 150 but then I pull the TLOD to 350 and Details to max 200 and same frame rate I mean using A320 Fenix in cockpit 62fps and outside view 70fps and over Lisbon Portugal with payware scenery and same thing over New York Manhattan just flying around I had 65-75fps in cockpit and exterior was hitting 88-90fps, but I expected bit more, and that was at 1440p but @ 4K upscale using TAA almost same thing only diference is that gpu usage @ 1440p is 35% and 4K is 58% and GPU in mode high performance using Nvidia painel for MSFS.

So how I can get some extra performance and what your suggestions here on my system and also what should I do to get Frame generation to show in settings?

Thanks for advice much appreciated guys!


Sounds a lot like you are cpu limited. First of all, 5800x is probably a bit better in MSFS compared to a 11900k. Don’t get me wrong, but 11900k is not too good a cpu even compared to 10900k according to the online reviews, plus 5800x has almost double the L3 cache, and if 5800X3D’s dominance in MSFS is anything to go by, the larger cache helps massively.

But ignoring that, 11900k still should perform well, but you have to keep your expectations in check. In cpu limited scenarios, changing resolution usually doesn’t help anything. To reduce CPU load, you can tweak a few settings like terrain lod (very high impact), object lod (not so high impact in my testing), off screen terrain pre caching (high impact), photogrammetry (high impact), ai traffic sliders etc. Also if you have ai traffic add-ons like AIG or fsltl, those also cause high cpu loads. You will need to balance these out to get a framerate that’s acceptable to you.

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