ICAO code WASS (Sorong) wrongly points to the closed (since 2004) Jefman Airport, not the succeeding Domine Eduard Osok Airport (code in-game WA1A)

The new Domine Eduard Osok Airport should bear the ICAO code WASS, but the game lists this airport as having the code WA1A. WASS currently points to Jefman Airport offshore Sorong, but that airport had been closed and non-operational since 2004.

The ICAO code mismatch results in database add-ons (e.g. Navigraph) not applying STAR/SID/approach procedures to the actual airport, rendering them mostly useless.

Did you file a bug report in the proper place so this gets fixed?

I have raised and submitted this issue to Zendesk, so hopefully they’ll have a better look into it ASAP.

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