Ice on planes?

Is there no more planes icing up?

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I still get icing. TBM 930

No ice for me. I have been sitting on the runway in the TBM 930 in a snow storm for awhile and no ice. All my de-icing switches are off.

mine is in flight. I started icing up around +5c leaving Greenland, turned on icing and still had a little residual on my wings in cruise, in descent now and it is not there… will see when I get through the cloud layer near Nova Scotia

Cool, let me know. Thanks.

Everytime I am flying and I set weather to storm I get icing…everytime… could be a summer storm in florida I get ice…lol

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I get way too much icing. The effect is way overdone as IRL pilots know, and then problem I have is the setting to make it just visual only and not effect the airframe or instruments is busted. I wind up stalling and falling like a brick with all instruments out whenever I fly into icing conditions. Like the other user said, it’s not only in icing conditions, could be a rain in florida in 100 degree weather I still turn into an ice cube.

Whenever I play with weather I turn all my anti ice stuff on as a precaution…learned my lesson the hard way

Ok, took off and while climbing at -4c started icing. Thanks man! But I am pretty sure before the last patch I could be sitting at the airport and it would ice up without flying.

Its gone for me too. From cockpit view I cant see any icing, I have to zoom out max in external view to see actual icing since last update. Flying in the KingAir350i.

Icing works fine on my end…