Icon A5 - 2021 Performance Edition - Upgraded Performance, Avionics & Autopilot

so, here are split and full . than what? that’s what I can see!

Ok, use the split screen version - the one that has both a right and a left screen. It’s the view in your second photo.

Use your mouse to click inside one of the three black empty boxes near the top of the left screen. That should open the autopilot inputs that you are looking for in the right hand screen.

Great mod! Happy to see the AP responds to setting values with the Honeycomb Bravo throttle in addition to the AP page in the unit.

Am I correct the mod does not work with the MSFS supplemental and “test pilot” liveries?

I did it as you you can see, but nothing happened I don’t know what’s wrong with that. I put these 3 in my Community folder. than what else need to do?

The mod actually works with all liveries. Open to feedback.

There’s the problem, that fspackages-main isn’t a folder we instruct to put into your community folder.

Delete that folder, you want to download the gx package from this link - https://github.com/Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages/releases/download/gx-v0.1.0-dev5/workingtitle-gx-v0.1.0-dev5.zip

Unzip that file, and place the entire “workingtitle-gx” folder into your community folder.

That should get you up and running, apologies for the confusion - that’s actually a common issue people have with downloading from the working title github.

I see Pharaoh nailed it. Mine is installed the way he describes. Hope that works for you.

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I’m enjoying this aircraft with two exceptions. When spawning for for a water takeoff, sometimes it floats too high in the water rendering the water rudder useless. Other times it does fine on spawn/takeoff but floats too high after landing, again leaving the water rudder ineffective.

The other issue is that it will not slow upon landing, even with the throttle fully cut and only slows it the engine is turned off.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m open to any workarounds. Please advise

Thanks for trying it out!

I’ll look into the spawn issue, I think that’s just the sim since I experience that even in the Bird Dog depending on the seaplane base.

As for the slowing for landing…are you deploying flaps and landing gear at a reasonable time? I rewatched the video I uploaded to see if I wasn’t slowing but I notice a very dramatic drop from in airspeed on my landing.

I am not having these issues. My tail rudder is more than adequate once the Icon starts coming out of the water or until it drops down after landing. Of course, that isn’t in a heavy crosswind.

I am LOVING my performance icon! Wow!

Thank you!


Thanks for your quick response.

I typically deploy one notch of flaps, then cut throttle back to the idle detent on touchdown. It just keeps going as if there is no drag from the water.

Landing gear on a water landing?

Sorry, I thought you were describing an inability to slow down for a runway landing. I will test this out and get back to you.

Mine coasts for a short while then starts dropping into the water and then slows down to a complete stop. No issues at all.

I did get it to slow by going to full flaps to create more drag. I’ll have to play with it a little more. Thanks!

I confess I never tried to land on water at less than full flaps. That might explain it. On the other hand, I can’t imagine landing on water without flaps. I want my air speed down as much as possible before actually splashing down. Even small waves can be pure torture at high speeds.

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I typically use 1 notch 50% on the Icon ). I’ll try it with full flap next time i’m flying it.

I do think there should be more drag from the effect of water on the hull, though.


Why would you choose to only use one notch of flaps on landing?
The only time I do that is when there’s a nasty crosswind.

I will look to see if there is a drag setting for impact with water, I don’t recall seeing it off the top of my head.

The other option is increasing the drag on flaps, but I’d need to test that thoroughly before doing a release.

I never use more flap than I need.

Awesome work. I could not find the liveries on flightsim.to