Icon A5 GPS night mode

Really liking the A5 but the GPS is blinding during night flight. I find it hard to believe that with a price tag of $375K the GPS doesn’t have a night mode. (LOL) anyway hope you all add that option

Here is the owners manual. No mention of Night Mode IRL.

my car manual has no mention of a night mode on the GPS it just does it automatically IRL

I love the ICON and have read through the POH. My thinking is very few people fly it at night, just kind of a light sport - daytime , good conditions airplane. The landing light is probaby best just for better visibility with other aircraft. I think there is one video of a guy doing night work to stay current, like pattern work.

No Verticle speed indicator, no hundred hand on altimeter.

Just a thought.

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just flew a few other aircraft at night, the GPS was the same on them as well. so this is posted on wishlist so my wish is the GPS needs an option to turn down the brightness. but yeah markymalarki I agree its prob. not really made for night ops.

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