Iconic Sedona, Arizona (C172 approach and landing)

Descending to the iconic Sedona. Thanks for Microsoft / Asobo to have rendered in the default sim this awesome icone places for pilots (and others).

Seen from my iPad Foreflight app. I set 25% of GA Aircraft which gives a lot of traffic around. The hazard advisor is also ON on this screen to display terrain at 1’000 (yellow) or 100 feet (red) of my current altitude (mode auto):

I don’t much spend time looking down on downwind, but here it’s worth the look:

Left downwind 21:

It’s time to turn base, looking at the road leading to Flagstaff with the beautiful Coconino forest (I recommend to ride the road from Flagstaff, beautiful!):

Turning final 21. High approach that I try to stay at, to avoid turbulence on short final 21 due to the two small hills:

You can get out of the plane, you know! :slight_smile: the plane is secured (chocks, pitot cover, tie down, cowl plugs) ;): More or less all pilot visiting Sedona have taken this type of pic of their aircraft seating at the ramp with the red rocks in the background. Unfortunately, as usual, there’re too much trees.