📌Idaho Back Country - Back2Black ... Gunpilot's Challenging Flights

Welcome to the 134th flight event across the GUNNER DOWNUNDER series. This week we will be flying in the Idaho Back Country, and the event is again guaranteed to give you more of the unique and challenging flight experience that you have come to expect from Gunpilot’s flight events.

After the debut a few weeks ago of the new Back2Black event series, I am happy to serve up another flight in this series. In this event format, we will be flying in the BEECHCRAFT KING AIR .This twin engined low wing turbo prop aircraft is a much larger, faster, and more difficult aircraft to pilot…and that degree of difficulty is ratcheted up a further notch by having to put this aircaft into small Idaho bush strips!!!

To then take it even further than what is already going to be an extremely demanding ask of all pilots, you will have Failure & Damage options turned ON!!! in MSFS. Hence the event format name “Back2Black ”. The objective of these Back2Black flights will be to see who can fly the whole event plan without damaging or stressing their planes to where their screen goes Black and they have to restart where they crashed, either by landing heavily, hitting trees on final approach, stalling, or a myriad of other ways that you can ruin your day in the cockpit. If no pilot makes it all the way from departure to destination without going back to black then it will be the pilot who has had the least instances of black screen that is declared the event winner.

We have flown around different parts of Idaho in past flights over the past couple of years, but this event will keep you on your toes the whole way around, especially if you want to have the bragging rights of making it all the way from departure to destination runways without a single piloting mistake.

Along the way you will need to deal with different engine emergencies which will have you making approaches to very short bush strips, with either a feathered prop or a completely dead engine task thrown in along the way. The weather will be Clear Skies again, giving you the best flying conditions to tackle this challenging flight.

Remember, you will be dropping onto the departure runway in a King Air!

When: Fri 9th June @ 2300UTC

Where: Idaho Back Country

Flight Duration: Approx 3hrs (depending on numbers attending)

Aircraft: Beechcraft King Air

Server: SOUTH EAST ASIA (what else in this location :rofl:)

Discord Server: GUNPILOT’s Server Click on this link and you will be sent a very welcoming INVITE that will enable you to fully participate in the radio chatter with all the other pilots in the flight

Voice Chat accessed by clicking on Comms Radio. If you are going to fly with us, ensure to join into the chatter on Comms Radio. If you don’t then you will miss out on a number of challenges that are given over the radio and you will have no idea what is going down.

Have a practice session (or more) flying the King Air to familiarise yourself with this aircraft.


Load this flight plan into your LNM
Back2Black Idaho.lnmpln (6.4 KB)

Load this flight plan into your MSFS sim
Back2Black Idaho.pln (8.4 KB)