[IDEA] Wakanda Cityscape

This is just a crazy idea I had… I wonder if it’s possible to create a fictional scenery addon of Wakanda. The idea here is that we pick a location in the Africa continent to show which place is most likely for Wakanda to exist. Then start modelling the buildings and the cityscape accordingly.

Now, in the comics and the movies, Wakanda is shrouded by a cloaking field, which makes them invisible from outside, but once you fly through the barrier, the city becomes visible.

I think we can trick this by playing around with the LOD. So on shorter LOD, the city is visible with high polygon count and details. But with longer LOD, we use an invisible model. So none of the buildings are rendered at all. That way, when you fly from further out, the longer LOD kicks in which doesn’t render any building, making it look like a normal terrain plain.

But when you fly closer to it, once it triggers the shorter LOD, BOOM! the building gets rendered as if they appear from thin air.

What do you guys think? This can be applied the same way with other mythical cities like Atlantis, or Themyscira, from Wonder Woman or El Dorado. It also brings people to “hunt” and try to look for and discover the cities.


Nice idea but when it “boom” extreme stutter will occur :see_no_evil:

There was a mod showing Godzilla in San Francisco, so why not.