If I buy the premium deluxe on xbox I need buy again on pc?

I really want test the Longitude, but I’ll move to pc on the summer.
Every plane or game version will be transferred to pc ?

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I think you can have both, but you can only use one account at a time. Not sure if any Mods or Add-ons will be carried over though.

Yes. I have both and all Marketplace purchases that are Xbox & PC compatible are shared on both platforms.


CooganBear is correct, as long as you buy from the MS Store and not through Steam.
If you buy through the MS Store, as he mentions, you can have it on as many devices as you want, but you can only be logged in on one device at a time.


I can second/third/fourth this as the correct response. If you own MSFS on Xbox, you also automatically own the MS Store version on PC (and vice versa). Additionally, any Marketplace purchases you make are shared by both versions (assuming the mod is both PC and Xbox compatible).



The mods are in the Community folder, and they work in the specific machine you have MSFS. I have a different Community in my other machne. As far Add-ons , bought from store, they show in all machines you have installed MSFS


Not forgetting you can actually have two separate MS accounts and two separate sims (on different systems) … just in case you wanted to fly two different planes simultaniously but then of course any purchased mods are not interchangeable.