If servers are slow does it result in poor ping times like around 250?

I’ve noticed that if I drop down my profile and the ping time is around 250 that I ALWAYS get a CTD if I try to navigate through the menu. If it’s not around 35 or so then it’s game over for me. Do I have no choice but to keep launching it over and over till the ping time is acceptable?

250 ping time is bad, but not terrible. I hope MSFS would be able to support a ping time that long. 35 is much better and means you’re pretty close (maybe 100 miles) from the nearest server. If you’re getting wide swings in latency, it might not just be the servers, it could also be your home network or internet provider. When you see high latency to MSFS servers, try to ping other services (any other website you use) to compare results. If it’s just MSFS servers with high latency, then it’s definitely the servers. I would open a Zendesk ticket with the ping times and CTD info. If you see high latency to other services, then check your network/ISP.

What region are you in?

Some ideas:

  • Are you sure you’re connected to the right MSFS server regionally? Maybe instead of using the “Auto” setting, pick the server closest to you geographically.
  • If you’re on Wifi, get closer to the router or try a hardline connection
  • If you have a VPN program available, might want to give that a try too.

Thank you! I’ll try all your suggestions.

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Generally pings don’t even make it to the host operating system - they’re just a measure of latency between point A and point B. It’s the gateway router that usually responds. To really know where the latency is coming from, you’d need either the IP or hostname of the server, then you could to a tracert via the command prompt. You’d want to use the -d switch first to avoid the delay of name resolution, then if one node is showing more delay than the rest, you can run it without the switch to find out the name of the node (if available). But I’m pretty certain that you’re not going to get from here.

One remote possibility is to flush the DNS cache, fire up the sim, shut it back down after it reaches the home screen, then display the new DNS cache. You might get a clue as to the server’s ID from that.


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Try looking into a free programme called WinMTR. This will do a constant ping to an ip address. Your latency may not be down to MSFS servers. This programme will help you find out exactly where the block is.

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Be careful with constant pings to a corporate IP. Some firewalls may construe that as an attempt at denial of service and block your IP.