If Trackir fails, msfs doesn't recognize it

If trackir fails somehow during playing, after re-running the trrackir program, msfs doesn’t see it until a restart. if this happens in the mid-flight, it ruins the session. is it supposed to auto-recognize when “trackir” selection is unchecked and then re-checked in the camera menu? nothing happens on my end

Same. Fortunately TR doesn’t crash often (maybe 1 out 200 flights), but if it does, its dead until a restart of sim.

It appears that if for any reason the visual connection between the headset and receiver is lost it won’t reconnect unless the sim is restarted. I think it’s another SimConnect foible that Asobo have yet to sort.

When I try to restart TrackIR it works normally after the fifth attempt.WITHOUT
restarting the sim.