If you are unhappy about the state of MSFS, help make them aware

This is the head of XBox and MS Gaming. From what I have read, he is a super guy and would probably appreciate the feedback. Please be tactful and courteous.

Phil Spencer @XboxP3 on Twitter

I have read the Community Guidelines, and I don’t believe this post violates them.

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There is one violation as long as you speak the truth.

If you think Phil is unaware that the sim has some flaws and the developers are working on fixing them, you don’t know him. He’s very much hands-on.

He’s probably also very aware that for anyone that’s unhappy, there are likely 50 happy customers, which is one awareness that some in this forum seem to lack.

Bombing him on Twitter (courteously or not), won’t change that perspective. Spam never helps.


Well, I do not KNOW him and I never encouraged anyone bombing him. Those are your words. I do not see anything wrong with the community using social media to voice a concern. You do you and I will do me, ok?

Encouraging users of a forum to send tweets at someone is exactly what results in spamming that someone with a high number of unsolicited tweets.

You do you, if you think it’s fine, but personally, if you think the developers and community manager somehow keep issues hush hush with their higher ups, warranting people to tweet at the head of Xbox to somehow bypass the communication chain, I see a certain naive outlook there.

As for me, Phil gets spammed enough already.

No need to be an insider really. I suggest you check this:


It’ll give you a good idea of the number of tweets the dude receives (many of which absolutely facepalm-worthy, mind you).


He is too busy fending off Bethesda related questions at this time.

How about no? You’re posting in a public forum here. Phil most certainly has access to the feedback (or lack thereof in this post) posted on here. Pestering him on Twitter will do nothing but potentially get you blocked.

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I don’t think this is a good idea…

I’m popping some popcorn and sitting back to see what transpires.

I don’t understand why you always resort to attacking other forum members. If you want to criticize the game fine, but no need to attack other forum members. And also, FYI, we “tech alpha insiders” aren’t privy to any more information than you yourself are. Literally all we did was test the alpha last year before official release, and then all had to purchase it, just like yourself.


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Hi everyone.

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If you wish to provide feedback on the simulator, report bugs, or request features you are welcome to use the forums for this purpose. If you would prefer to make your remarks in private, or you would like to leave feedback without creating a discussion thread you’re always welcome to create support tickets on Zendesk: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com.