IFR Approach plates

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You buy it from Navigraph. Recurring subscription.


Iā€™ve subscribed to Navigraph for years and Iā€™m used to Jeppesen Charts. Sometimes, some charts can be out of step with the Sim in minor details but they usually tie up eventually. Whatever suits youā€¦there are several scources out there. I see BA are using LIDO electronic charts app from
Lufthansa Systemsā€¦never heard of that one before.

Yes LIDO is quite good also, we use Navblue Charts+ in the company I work for, its night and day compared to Jeppesen.

I posted the following as a reply to another post from a pilotā€¦you may be interested in my commentsā€¦or indeed you may not !

ā€œI agree that the default ATC is work in progressā€¦but it is slowly improving in a piecemeal fashion. I use it all the timeā€¦particularly for IFR flights. Non real world pilots should realise that ATC does not fly aeroplanesā€¦pilots do thatā€¦ and real world flying is much more than just ā€œdriving the aeroplaneā€ā€¦thatā€™s the easy bit. ATC is for guidanceā€¦not slavish obedience
It is impressed on us throughout our training that the Pilot in Command alone is responsible for the safety of the aircraftā€¦no-one else. Thatā€™s why, as far as ATC is concerned, the response ā€œunableā€ is there to be usedā€¦if a pilot judges it is appropriate.The ā€œunableā€ response is not available in the default ATC as yet and it needs to be, together with the programming to implement it.
As you rightly say, the golden rules are :-aviate, navigate, communicate, in that order of priorityā€¦itā€™s your responsibility to stay safe.ā€

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It comes over a bit like the PIC is the only one responsible for flight safety and can deviate when he wants to, this is not the case of course. While the PIC has final responsibility over a flight, it does not mean ATC or other crew members arenā€™t responsible for flight safety. Of course, if you canā€™t follow an ATC instruction for safety reasons, you call ā€œunable due ā€¦ā€.

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I do not believe that I said, and did not mean to imply, that the PIC is the ONLY participant with a safety responsibility for a flight. With this remarkā€¦ ā€œWhile the PIC has final responsibility over a flightā€. I think you agree with my central point. ā€œThe buck stops with the PICā€.
BTWā€¦While I appreciate there are alternativesā€¦I will "struggle on " with Navigraphā€¦seeing I am well used to Jeppesenā€¦we ā€œold Pilotsā€ sometimes get set in our ways !

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