IFR Approach plates

Ok, stupid question, I think I know the answer buttttttt, does the game have IRF Approach plates in game? Now I have to go look them up on my phone and keep them there. As an Xbox player, I know there is no way to get these cool screens you PC guys get. Would be nice if these were there.

No Approach Plates are included.

how do you pull them up?

I like flying the TBM930, is it in the Gar 3000?

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They are if you purchase a subscription from Navigraph. I believe it is $79 annually.

Edit: And I believe you need to be running the Working Title G3000 mod.

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I highly doubt that this works on XBox.

For XBox, you could take an additional tablet or laptop to look at the plates (using Navigraph or other services), but there is no built-in solution afaik.

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You are correct, @Coppersens. I should have stipulated. But your comment is germane. With the Navigraph subscription, all the charts can be used on the iPad.

Sorry for the confusion, @StipuledOhio215.

Navigraph Charts does work well on mobile devices, including the plane being shown on the map in real time, I use it on a samsung tablet mostly for moving around airports, great to have the diagram and my present position. Especially at airports where MSFS has all wrong taxi way ID’s, because on any of the online ATC networks, you need to know where you are.

But yeah, doubt very much that in cockpit integration from Navigraph would work on Xbox

There is also the increasingly less spoken about Charts+ from Navblue(?).

Personally I feel that this particular deal fell through, and will likely never happen.

I don’t think this works with MSFS running on XBox either.

Agree. Apart from the initial press release prior launch and a few vague statements in Q&A, there was no hint that somebody is actually working on it. Plus I doubt that it would be a service free of charge.
With the track record of new features, I doubt they’d reach the integration and complexity of Navigraph anyway. So if someone needs charts, there’d be not much reason to pay for Charts+ except if it was a one-time payment with free updates.


That’s really sad though, I don’t use Navigraph because I really don’t like Jeppesen. NavBlue charts are so much better, at least in Europe. Compared to NavBlue, Jeppesen charts are a cluttered mess…

I’d in fact really like to have LIDO charts available.
The quite expensive app only features a few airports and there seems to be no solution for enthusiasts available.

I just had a look at their site. I like their idea of only showing relevant flight information. It would be handy if the Navigraph app had a “declutter” function, with several levels you could choose from, so you could select the level of detail you require at a given time.

What about chartfox? Partner site of vatsim, has the official charts for most regions, works well and it’s completely free.

It’s interface looks “inspired” by Navigraph Charts.

Just an FYI to those who use ChartFox last time I checked it doesn’t have the current charts for Canada. You can find all current charts for Canada (including VFR) on FltPlan.com

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Well Navigraph didn’t invent the bookmarking and color coding of charts :grin:

Yeah, ChartFox only provides data that is freely available. For Canada, technically you need to register for some reason.
So if you find the charts somewhere distributed for free, I guess it violates their terms.

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They probably have a deal with Garmin.

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Two free sources for USA charts are, vfrmap.com and airnav.com. VFR and IFR approaches available along with SIDS and STARS. Airport charts/layouts in pdf format can be downloaded.

US IFR charts are available at

They are broken into downloads by region, there is a small amount of info about the regions at https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/productcatalog/ifrcharts/TerminalProcedures/ but I’m not sure of a good way to ask “which download is KXXX contained within”

Region key: https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/media/TPP_Index_A.png

I had approach plates that were integrated with with the charts on the CJ4 FMS but now it went into a DEMO mode and is saying that I need an ULTIMATE Subscription.
How and where do I buy this ultimate subscription to get the charts back? Any advice would be helpful