IFR flight plan question

Why when I ask atc for ifr clearance to wherever I’m flying I don’t fly at the cruising altitude I set when creating my flight plan?

not sure if i understand it all, anyway if ATC won’t automatically give me the flight plan cruise altitude I usually ask for and always get clearance for it

I’ll add a screenshot

Because if the altitude is very high, like say above 12,000 feet, you’ll be routed to that height using step altitudes. I.E., you’ll climb to 5,000 first depending upon sector airspace limits and the performance of your type aircraft.

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Looks like your FP isn’t synching correctly. You would only get this if you ignored ATC and they cancelled your plan or the plan didn’t synch right.

Gives me that option everytime right after takeoff, could it be because I changed the altitude level in the NAV log before starting the flight?

Changing the altitude before hitting Fly Now won’t cause that. There’s something else about your plan. Is this with a stock plane?

I’m using a 3rd party plane, the Boeing 777-300er I bought on the marketplace in game, on the Xbox series s. I have to check if it gives me that same option with the 787 as well.

Well, you can probably disregard that option, as long as ATC reads back the correct routing and waypoints on your original plan.

They do, climbs me to my selected altitude without having to click on that clearance thing, I ask for ifr clearance to taxi and takeoff from thr gate everytime anyways.