IFR flights and planes

I would like to have Microsoft providing us with a complete package with every plane including:
IFR instruments user guide
AP user guide
Basic IFR exercises.
This to accelerate our learning curve.
To learn through You Tube or downloading pdf on internet is not efficient, incomplete and painful I am afraid.
Given the quality of the product I am actually enjoying my simmer life as VFR pilot but…to be able become a IFR pilot would be a perfect long term goal helping us to enjoy even more this marvelous software. I think.

it’d be nice if this would be part in game all the way through it but i don’t expect that to happen apart from add ons from different partys.

however, i’m somewhat glad that it’s not all packed somewhere for to me to easily find it but i have to search for it like being on a hunt. if i pour any more topics of aviation in my head i’m sure it’ll explode rather sooner than later. but that’s just me.

Well, they are busy fixing the game. Right now ‘The bug has a game’ so making PDFs is not a priority. That said, there are lots of people that love to download real manuals from real sources and learning through those. The learning curve will always be steep with complex airplanes, no matter how good the manuals be. Lets put as an example, DCS manuals, the A10 has more than 600 pages. Chuck’s guides for any jet -> 500pgs +. So at the end, it will take a lot of effort to learn IFR/AP/VFR and avionics. I guess we like that complexity, at least the hardcore community. Its an opinion based on years of experience with flight sims but I completely understand that there are many pilots that want an easier experience. Cheers brother

I fully understand your point.
Perhaps a good reasonable solution would be for Microsoft to provide us with a complete list of external sites where to find those info about how to use the IFR instruments and IFR procedures, tutorials and checklists ?
When I do google search I have too many answers. How can I decide which internet site or which tutorial is the right one?

Yeah, I see your point and that is true. I know this is not what you wanted, but let me help you with this.
Good links of interest:
There you have everything to start. VFR, Avionics, IFR, etc.
FAA site:
Then for airplanes, you can use the following keywords:
FCOM (Flight crew operating manual)
POH (pilot operating handbook)
POM(pilot operating manual)

Another tip is to use the “filetype:pdf” at the end of the google search.
For example:
Cessna 152 POH filetype:pdf -> that will give you the manual for the Cessna.
FCOM 737-300 pdf
A320 Manual pdf
And so on.

Of course, youtube is a gold mine for us too.

Thanks my Dear !

FSX has a pretty good flight training school. With lots of theoretical background. If you can get a copy for small money, the flight lessons are definitely worth it.
Asobo should implement the lessons from Rod Machado into FS2020. VOR or ILS approach lessons are today as good as they were 15 years ago.

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