IFR- No instrument approaches for most US GA airports in G1000

FS2020 did great job creating high quality graphics, but failed miserably with instrument approaches, I can’t find GPS instrument procedure for most general aviation airports in the G1000, what’s that all about Microsoft? even xplane 11 have them I think, I don’t know where to report this although this is not a bug, they obviously know these procedures are missing.
And why do i have to preselect my destination before going to flight? why can’t I just do that on my own on the G1000?!

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First off welcome to the forums. I haven’t had any problems with loading different procedures for the GA airports that I have flown into. Just completed a flight from KTIX to KTMB - I had filed an IFR flight plan but had not loaded an approach. Was assigned 9L VFR but asked for the RNAV for 9L - selected and loaded it in the G1000 and then activated - all worked as it was suppose to do so.

Which airports are you having problems?

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Welcome to the forum.

I haven’t had a problem actually finding approaches. If you go through the PROC page, you should be able to see them.

Apologies , but out of curiosity, were you able to actually get ATC to give you the new approach? I just flew a leg on my Point Barrow-to-Patagonia adventure that had be on a visual in a thunderstorm, and after repeated requests for an ILS. ATC just ignores it.

So I’ve been able to find ILS for every airport I’ve come across that would normally have it in my cross country trips.

They are definitely there. I recall in the preview before release there were so many people talking about how messed up the AP and NAV were and it turned out that it was mostly user error.

Watch some videos, read the forums, take a look around, read a guide. I’ve never once in 53 hours of FS2020 GA flying found an airport that didn’t have ILS if it was supposed to.

Also, you can completely add your own route to the G1000. Multiple times a day I set my first flight using the flight planner and then when I land, I clear the flight plan and set my next destination without ever leaving the airplane. I’ve done this dozens of times. Very possible.

There are plenty which are missing. KTEX is a good example. According to Skyvector, it’s got 3 or 4 different approaches. But none of those are listed in the G1000. And they are important as they are meant to guide you around the mountains in the area.

We were told that with their partnerships we would have all these, but of course that’s simply not the case.

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I dunno. Maybe we’re seeing different things. I’ve seen ILS-Y and ILS-Z for example when multiple approaches are available.

That has been the sticking point and seems consistent with ATC - when the PIC requests a different approach or procedure than assigned - ATC is at a loss for words. I just assume they accepted my request and procedure as if it was approved.

I look forward to the day when I do get a proper response from ATC when I request something different from what they assign. If ATC gets too snotty about it I cancel IFR and feint radio failure and land anyway - once on the ground and clear the runway - tower usually tells me to contact ground as if I hadn’t violated every rule in the book to land so all is well. :slight_smile:

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So, I just looked at SkyVector for KTEX and it lists four instrument approaches, none of which are in the Sim. This is very strange considering this is one of the hand crafted airports.

I think that’s a bug.

I too have noticed RNAV approaches are missing for almost all small airports, even though they are published and available. Just because an airport does not have full radio ILS equipment, nearly all have published GPS approaches the sim fails to incorporate.

RNAV is known and they’ve acknowledged that rnav is missing for GA. It’s on their to-do list.

Ah! So we do the same workaround…rule breaking! LOL


The default nav data is missing a lot of approaches at smaller profile airfields. It’s a bit disappointing, but I don’t see why it would be caused by anything other than an incomplete nav database, which seems like an easy fix.

Yeah check out navigraph


Thanks for quick replies, this is not just one airport, there are actually many missing RNAV approaches, KAQO for instance, another one is KEDC , these are the two I just tried and couldn’t get an approach for them.
Oh, I don’t actually use xplane, I had its’ demo version about 4 months ago, was about to purchase it, but i heard about FS2020 and decided to wait, I am a fan of MFS, I have FSX purchased years ago, and been enjoying it a lot, so this is positive criticism, to improve it a little hopefully.
I am not saying xplane is better than this, I am just saying this has been a great project, but why miss these little (but important) details, i only fly Simulators for IFR.

Yup. Navigraph is pretty much the solution at this point. Aside from a weird issue at KDEN, I’ve yet to find any approaches missing with their data.

KAQO and KEDC are just an example

I was also disappointed that KEDC did not have the two RNAV approaches that I find in SkyVector and other procedure databases.

I have subscribed to Navigraph and have used their beta FMS updates to get the latest AIRAC database into the simulation. Might be one of the reasons I haven’t noticed any missing procedures

Same here, I’ve had very few issues since updating with Navigraph other than a few RNAV approaches coming in at an angle to the runway.