IFR plan and Request IFR for instrument fp


I had a flight plan set up via world map using a320 and IFR low airways with the destination airport (glasgow) set to automatic approach and runway.
That way I would wait till ATC assigned me a runway in flight, once I got runway instructions I added this and inserted it. It messes the flight up a bit as sometimes the plane turns around and heads back to the 1st waypoint for the approach.

But what I would like to know is I had an option appear on the ATC panel called “Request IFR for instrument fp”

Do I need to select this, I think I still had a flight following so not sure what that option was about?

To add I did select it and all went well but not sure why the option appeared, was it because I changed the flight plan slightly, despite destination being the same?

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Maybe you’ll have to re-work the whole approach with ‘new’ runway numbers.

ATC control and Fight Following for only for advice. Your AP will follow whatever is in NAV/GPS. I’m guessing any issue is in the flight plan approach area.


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Yeah, I think as I changed the flight plan in the flight system by adding an approach and ILS runway after getting the runway clearance from the tower, it makes sense that I got that option pop up on atc panel to request IFR.

I think with it set to automatic approach/runway in world map that It just gets me to the destination airport but not lined up with a runway.

I kind of like doing it with the automatic instructions and then inputting the info I receive over ATC, but its annoying after I do this AP turns the plane around and flys back the other way 10 miles or so to start the new approach plan.

Yes, it’s really annoying. It happens on all aircrafts in the game. I don’t select any particular approach, because I want to have fun and use the one that ATC assigns to me.

So I’m using the following workaround:

  • I put into my flight plan a nav point which is close to the airport. When I get close to that point, the ATC gives me clearance to make an approach with a specific nav point.
  • Then I switch AP from NAV to HDG, insert that nav point into my flight plan, set up and activate the procedure for approach and go back to NAV.
  • The last thing to do is to talk to ATC to request clearance for the new IFR flight plan. ATC will agree, tell you something stupid (like climb to 10 000 feet), but shortly after they will give you another approach clearance (hopefully the same as before). In SU5 this step wasn’t necessary, but now you need to do it or you won’t be cleared for landing.

If you’re fast enough, the plane will not make a circle, but if it does, you’ll circle around the nav point you’ve just passed and the AP won’t guide you any further back. Maybe using an active pause would be useful, but I’ve never tried that.


Thanks, may try this method, so you dont bother setting a destination airport in the world map, just a waypoint near by?

When you get near do you then open ATC and select nearest airport list and go from there?

Thanks very much

Actually I set only departure airport and everything else I do on board with actual instruments. I do set up destination airport (so I guess you can do it on the world map as well), but what I try to avoid is a long gap between destination airport and a navpoint. Ususally my last navpoint is around 20 NM from the airport, or 5 NM from the STAR entry point.

Only on unmanaged airports. Since my plan consists of a destination airport, ATC will give me clearance to approach and land.

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Yeah I think I will try it from world map then, and study the nav points a bit better nearer destination airport, if they aren’t to far it might not be as much an issue, my last flight it only turned my plane around and went back a short distance to start the approach phase I entered in flight.

I haven’t ‘played’ with the new update on G1000 yet but it looks like they added on new features.

I plan to check this out more today.


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I did a short flight yesterday and once I got the approach and runway from ATC I selected it, this time it didn’t turn me around which was good.

I wasn’t sure if I needed to request IFR flight plan again, on atc panel it had the option, I did do it this time and then as you said they tell you to climb and then a few seconds later descend.

Next time I might try without requesting IFR again via ATC, would that mess something up?

Seems that would really mess up your decent with ATC and mcdu. Do you just calculate your decent on your own? The thing is broken. Direct tos are broken as well.

I was just testing it without requesting IFR after inserting the ILS approach and I was on the approach procedure just turning a bend onto the straight and the sim crashed to dash on my xbox!!!
So will have to test it again next time I try.

I will say this though on 2 flights I have done so far on both after inserting the ILS approach my plane did not turnaround and go back 5 miles like it has done in the past.

As for the descent ATC has been giving nice and early instructions to descend as well.

When I input FP from SimBrief into mdcu in A339, I have the option to “request ifr clearance for instrument fp”. But when I input FP from Simbrief into the B78X mdcu, that option did not appear in ATC menu… Anyone know any reason why “request ifr clearance for instrument fp” didn’t appear for B78X?

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