Ignition of kingair cold&dark start


after cold&dark at gate/parking , i start engine with Ctrt+E
iginition warning … i don’t know what is problem.
is this bug ( start_location bug )?

No bug. Simply switch the ignition to OFF.

it is off …

Haven’t used the 350i since quite some time. Try switching ENG AUTO IGN to ARM.

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i have tried sometimes. but… not change.
when i start at runway with engine_on. i have not same problem.
only cold&dark…

Are you using any modifications or is the community folder empty.

Manual start is quick and easy.
BAT ON, Starter ON, at ~12% engine RPM condition lever low or high.
That’s it.

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these are all.
flight event ( map)
WT CJ4 livery

…ok . i will use manual start from now.
Thanks PZL104.

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Don’t forget to switch the generators to RESET and ON after engine start.

It’s much more satisfying to be able start up your aircraft manually than using ctrl-e :slight_smile:

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To add to PZL104’s last post, quite few of the default aircraft have checkilists to run through that are useful to find switches and provide you with the basic startup procedure.
None of the default aircraft are that difficult to start manually, it is more involving and adds a sense of achievement to the experience.

I get this ‘ignition’ caution issue too on the stock king air, regardless of whether I CTRL-E or follow the checklist and no matter what switches I play with afterwards. If I start the flight on the runway, there is no ‘ignition’ caution.

same here. Follow the checklists did not solve this problem. thats a bug. hope ASOBO fix this.

There’s an overhead switch for battery? I think … all the way right and the light goes off eventually if I remember right?

I get this Issue aswell, no matter if I follow Asobo’s checklist or a more complete checklist. I get that ignition warning and can’t remove it.

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