Iguazu Falls and an "updated" Niagara Falls

I wonder why, how…
Iguazu falls… a beauty

And…Niagara Falls “updated”

I grew up near Niagra Falls - we used to spend summer days in the park along the river and visited the Falls often. Very disappointing to fly over it after the update. Like you I was expecting much improvement.


Yes, was thinking, if they can get water moving on seas, and wakes showing moving water from ships, and seaplane floats etc, then why can’t they show water flowing over waterfalls?


Yeah I agree to both
It’s hard to understand how someone could do something so nice as the Iguazu Falls, and the update made by MS-Asobo for Niagara Falls is so poor…
Makes no sense
I’m sure they are able/capable of making a great setting/scenery here, actually should improve all key waterfalls in the world, like Victoria, Canaima (El Angel) etc.

Let’s pray/hope this will become true or that the creator of the Iguazu goes ahead and improve the key ones. It would be hit from him


If you are seeing this, please log a bug report for it so we can get this fixed. Thank you!


I went to Niagara University so going back to the Falls was the first place I flew after the Canada update. Disappointing to say the least: especially since the Falls are being used in promotional material. Photogrammetry is poor. I wasn’t expecting live water or even a mist, but the water is not good and looks like giant squares. Not sure how else to describe it but there are massive textured squares splotched in the water and on the falls themselves. I hope they go back and fix this.

What I find extremely odd, is that the Rainbow Bridge looks fantastic and got an update, but the Falls themselves didn’t? The decision making is astonishing and not in a good way.

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Ok noted
I will

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They should make the water from the fall falling down moving because Niagara falls is one of the biggest falls in the world.

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I’m sure it looked better than that way back when I 1st visited last year. Surely we’ll see some more special effects added into the sim which could help spots like this out. It might be a bit much to ask but I’d love to see the addition of mist fx and more white water/frothy effects where appropriate for rapids and even waves on beaches.

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There is a Niagra Falls freeware that improves things a lot.

Niagara Falls Enhancement Pack » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Why, how?

Well, for one, your images are quite misleading.

The thumbnail you are using for Iguaza Falls is obviously for an addon. Here is what they look like in the base game.

That addon is using custom 3d models. Niagara Falls is using photogrammetry.

The actual question is why a landmark such as Niagara Falls or the CN Tower did not get custom models for World Update 11.


Yes, the image is an add-on. That was acrtually the point. How someone can make something that nice and Asobo/MS couldn’t do a similar thing for an “update” for such iconic waterfalls…
That was the idea.

Correct this is the idea “The actual question is why a landmark such as Niagara Falls or the CN Tower did not get custom models for World Update 11”



Hey guys. I decided to take the plunge and actually get this.

The performance for me was really good and I didn’t even refresh the cache.

The dam wall and associated facilities are highly detailed with a surprising amount of complexity. Following the river south you’ll find a couple basic bridges done practically leading to the falls themselves. There’s also 2 hotels which overlook the epic chasm. Like I mentioned in my previous comment about special fx, they’ve made a really solid attempt at adding an animated mist kind of effect in a few spots. You can tell there was a lot mesh work/terraforming and painstaking wrapping of the satellite data done here in a way that it makes sense.

Grab it while it’s on special I reckon, you won’t be disappointed, it’s a very tidy area to fly, nothing looks too jank there. A brilliant effort and far superior dam and waterfall experience than we’re currently getting at Niagara and Hoover Dam. I wonder if they’d consider actually doing others. Grabbing copies of this might plant a seed.

Probably because the guys doing the Iguassu Fall take 10 bucks for it and don’t give you some 100 POIs including some airports and photogrammetry cities for free?

The CN Tower IS an oversight, I agree, but has already been remedied:

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$10 for one waterfall? That’s… something.


Thank you Archer

You’re welcome. But for what exactly? :slight_smile:

Need night lighting like this URL

And thats a little bit different from what we see in the Canada WU splash screen each time loading msfs.

Because I see it like the OP I feel free to ask where and how the bug report has to be logged. Zendesk or somewhere in this forum? I just ask because I did Zendesk reports already and never got an feedback or solution for the things I mentioned so it feels dead end for me.

Thank you.

How do i install the Free Niagara Falls update? Thanks.