"ILS Approach" and "IFR Test" flight training bug

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It Will be indeed fixed in SU8 late january as per what I could find after browsing the web.

And here Is the post that they are indeed aware of the bug :wink:

The post : "ILS Approach" and "IFR Test" flight training bug - #110 by FSAcademyLTD

Same issue with ILS landing. I haven’t got to the IFR test but i’m sure I will have the same issue there also.

Same issue - 3 attempts no matter how soft I land or accurately complete the ILS landing training exercise I get a “watch out” once touching the tarmac and fail the lesson #PC Microsoft Store version

Instrument rated IRL pilot here, it is a bug 100%. Smooth touchdown, appropriate location, centered, about as slow decent rate as possible, grease landing, it is DEF a bug. Posted a YouTube video on this, tons of comments confirming basically the same.

Wasn’t fixed in SU7 :frowning:

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They indeed Just published SU7 from my understanding Here [RELEASE] Release Notes Sim Update VII (January Build

However, Not Sure the problem was fixed as It does Not mention the said Crash even when landing smoothly.

So, It Is strange… Not Sure what to think.


I confirm it wasn’t resolved in SU7, very frustrating. Bug still present with the generic G1000.

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It seems that this ‘bug’ still remains as of Jan 8, 2022.
As far as we understand what is localizer, glideslope, vertical speed indicator and how to maintain landing speed, getting score for this training mission might be irrelevant. However hopefully this bug is getting fixed ASAP.

Same issue on both last mission.

I can confirm this bug was NOT FIXED with the January patch release, sigh…

Thank you, good sir. This fixed the issue.

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Asobo indicated that this will be fixed as part of SU8.

Maybe we need to stand on the right rudder peddle just before touchdown on the IFR crosswind landing :grinning:

Or maybe the left rudder? Try both😀

After some thought in ils approach lesson the aircraft is definitely coming in from right to left so stepping on the left rudder just before touchdown will for sure put you in line with the cross wind

I still can’t finish this mission :confused:


Thank you! I hope we can get it fixed soon. I want to have over 9,000 points on all training missions. :slight_smile: So far so good, even with a couple other minor bugs I was able to overcome haha. This one is just a bit too broken tho, no offense. I’ll practice and play other things while we wait for a fix. I figure if I made it this far no sweat, then I probably don’t exactly need to step on it like a panzer on a twig right this instant. :stuck_out_tongue: Still hope we can get her fixed in the next 30 days tho maybe? Anywho, have a good one. :slight_smile:

Good day everyone!

Same issues on ILS landing, nothing is fixed.

I already had an issue like this on final vfr navigation (you’re no supposed to land…)… very annoying.

I tried to land with autopilot and without it and all results were same. “Watch Out!” No reward.

The IFR test is blocked for me at the task with reaching of 110 knots. Also nothing happens after reaching and maintaining this value

same issue here.
But i wonder is there anyone who can finish that?
this issue is not even in the known issue of asobe. that’s insane

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