ILS Cat III / Autoland

I’d like a Autoland / ILS CAT 3 landing on all the airliners / jets capable of. Or a least for 320n and 787 :slight_smile:

From my perspective it’s not clear if the feature should be there or was promised. That’s why I thought it might be good to get it added as suggestion.

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Do you use the A320 mod? The autoland on one of their versions is already working well, except that the flare hasn’t been implemented, and that’s coming I believe

I don’t. But without flare it’s no CAT III, is it?

A friend of mine does use it and he told me it still has the nose dive :wink:

They are still working on the flare, it will be coming, I suspect soon.
I guess you can call it what you want, it auto lands OK though, albeit a bit on the heavy side.

No, I haven’t experienced the nose drop in a long time, probably a month or more,
and a fellow regular on these forums (NEO4316) uses the Cfbw only, and has no issue with it re nose drop that he has mentioned, you could check some of his posts out.

This nose drop can also be attributable to not having a big enough dead-zone on your controller’s x and y axis, in your case probably more likely the Y.
Quite a few solved the issue by increasing the deadzone. This eliminates the spurious signals from a controller which cause it. Some folks are up to 10% or more.

Thanks for elaborating. Why would the controller mess with the autopilot? Seems like a complicated issue. I have seen correct autolands on my 320 in december but in the recent time they’re well nose dives :slight_smile:

Most controllers, even when new (I have seen one TCA thrustmaster that was a month old) do not return to an exact center when let go.
That creates a tiny erratic signal which causes the A/P to go nuts.
Most believe it is actually overriding the A/P signal, which causes the airplane control surfaces to go in the direction the joystick signal indicates, as it sees it as a manual input.
The deadzone prevents the sim from seeing any signals that originate within that zone.
No guarantees it will fix your issue, but it has for quite a few, let us know how it goes!
And get the mod, it is amazing and solves almost all the issues

autoland already works if you have help settings to medium it autolands.

Read up a few posts, it does, - - -but
you should learn how to do it, if you haven’t yet tried.

Biggest wish here is that we could select a preset and the clouds and visibility go right to Cat III weather minimums.

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well, this is a game, want better go fly it in real life :slight_smile:

I do. That’s the day job.

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nice, im hoping it will be mine soon