ILS localizer

Ich schaffe es nicht, den ILS Leitstrahl aufzunehmen. Ich fliege in NAV oder HDG, nähere mich korrekt einem beliebigen ILS an und warte bei richtig eingestellter ILS-frequenz darauf, dass der Leitstarhl aufgenommen, ILS angezeigt und dann auch der Gleitstrahl einklinkt. Das funktioniert nie!!! Ich hatte auf X-plane nie Probleme damit aber jetzt verzweifle ich . Ich habe mir die einschlägigen youtube videos hierzu angesehen, aber mein localizer bleibt unabhängig vom Flughafen und vom Flugzeugstumm. Muss ich zurück auf xplane. nochmal neu installieren? Dr. Barczok, Ulm

Mod Edit - English Translation:
I can’t pick up the ILS guide beam. I fly in NAV or HDG, approach any ILS correctly and wait with the correctly set ILS frequency for the guide starch to be recorded, ILS to be displayed and then the glide beam to latch on. That never works!!! I never had any problems with it on X-plane but now I despair. I have watched the relevant youtube videos about this, but my localizer remains independent of the airport and the plane mute. I have to go back to xplane. reinstall? Dr. Barczok, Ulm

„Approach“ hast Du angeklickt im Autopilot?

Edit: Did you click on „Approach“ in the autopilot?

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Sounds like the incorrect frequency. Is it possible you have the VOR of the airport set, rather than the localiser frequency. Is that possible?

Which airplane?
What flight plan?

Hey guys,

I hope anyone can help with this, I’m certainly missing something pretty simple…

I want to fly ILS approaches but can only find LOC (Localizer) frequencies on the map, which are actually ILS frequencies.
As an example LFSB (Basel), the ILS frequency for Runway 33 is 111.55, but in the sim it is displayed as Localizer.

If I tune 111.55 it is not showing a glide slope, only a VOR direction. (displaying NO GS on the flight display)
Also if I open the legend, there seems to be no ILS, only VOR, and DME etc.
(see screenshots)

Do I have to config or download something to be able to fly ILS approaches with glideslope?
The described things apply to all airports worldwide and i also have downloaded Europe and US expansion maps.

Thanks for any help - I’ve spent hours trying to set up ILS and becoming a bit desperate.

The World Map only shows VORs.

You can enter the TO airport and then pick the runway you want.
Note that a From airport is required and IFR flight type (Flight Plan).

Then when you click FLY, you can see what the ILS frequency is.

Which plane do you fly with? You must click APPR before the IAF. It doesn’t come automatically.

Mit welcher Flugzeug fliegst du? Du musst vor dem IAF auf APPR klicken. Es kommt nicht automatisch.

Hi @serachoy
The ILS you’ve selected (usually shown as localizer DME rather than ILS) is for runway 15 rather than 33. Landing navaids are shown at the far end of the runway you want to use, not right off the near end of the runway you want to land at. Hope that helps.