ILS out at Madrid Barajas with LVFR scenery

I have flown a few times and the ILS is certainly out at Madrid using the LVFR scenery. There was supposed to be an update but I have not seen one. Is anyone the wiser please ? I have version 1.0.1

Have you checked the NAVAID filter on the world map? The LOC DME should be visible. Make sure your aircrafts is tuned to the correct ILS frequency on approach.

I’ve uninstalled LVFR scenery. Wish I had not bothered with it…

Hi, I have the same problem how can I repare?

If you have a Navigraph subscription you can fix almost every ILS both default and third party. Use the Navigraph MSFS data AND make sure that the navigraph data entry is the very last or bottom line in your Content.xml folder

Can you explain me how can i do It? I am new on this and I am lost

Use Navigraph Data Center to install the Simulator Base Package with the latest AIRAC Cycle. Then navigate to your Content.xml file and cut and paste the navigraph data line to the very bottom using notepad.

I wonder why the Navdata Center just doesn’t do this automatically when installing the navdata.

Even if Navigraph did this the Content.xml still has to be updated after any changes at all to any scenery. I believe that Navigraph are aware of this and I’m sure will implement auto updates when / if it is possible.

Where I have to copy the navigraph data line

If you have a Navigraph subscription and Navigraph Data Center then this line will automatically be in your Content.xml It will probably be near the top. Cut and paste the navigraph data line to the very bottom using notepad.

Already works thank you very much